Google Photos introduces ‘Storage Saver’ feature

by / ⠀News / April 12, 2024
'Storage Saver'

The Android version of Google Photos is in the process of introducing a new feature named ‘Storage Saver’. Its main aim is to save storage space. It is currently available only on the web but is expected to be included in the mobile application shortly.

The purpose of the ‘Storage Saver’ is to aid users in reducing their digital media’s size and quality on a large scale. This potentially decreases the storage space that photos take up in a Google Account. With this feature, users can store more pictures and videos without the fear of exceeding their storage limit.

The ‘Storage Saver’ feature automates the process of lowering the size and quality of images and videos. Users can select their desired quality settings, and the feature will adjust all existing and new files accordingly.

Understanding Google Photos’ ‘Storage Saver’ feature

This enables a smoother experience when dealing with digital media on a Google account.

The ‘Convert photos to Storage Saver’ functionality on mobile works similarly as it does on the web interface. By using this, the originally uploaded media is replaced with versions that consume less space. The photos are resized to 16MP, and videos are lowered to 1080p resolution. However, this action cannot be undone, and the original high-res versions cannot be recovered.

Once users convert their media using the ‘Storage Saver’ feature, they cannot go back to the original quality. Thus, they need to give serious consideration to the feature’s all-or-nothing approach before deciding to use it.

Despite its potential impact on photo quality, the feature is still expected to meet a positive reception as it could be an effective way to manage storage space. However, users who prefer high-resolution pictures may not find this feature quite as appealing.

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Google has also announced the expansion of the AI-powered Magic Editor function in Google Photos, previously exclusive to Pixel devices, to a larger audience. However, unbounded access to Magic Editor remains exclusive to Pixel phone users. Meanwhile, Google One Premium plan subscribers enjoy the same privilege, regardless of their device.

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