Google redesigns Android’s bottom search bar

by / ⠀Featured News / April 8, 2024
"Redesigned Bottom Bar"

Google is venturing into a new redesign for its bottom search bar on Android, inspired by an update to Material 3. This interestingly signals the comeback of a feature that had been discontinued previously.

The redesign involves incorporating the search field into the bottom bar and introducing a tab indicator with a Material 3 pill-shape design. This creates a unified aesthetic, adding to the overall user interface. The search field, no longer at the top of the Discover feed, will stay grounded on the bottom bar, easily accessible without having to scroll back to the top.

Some users, however, have concerns. There are fears that combining the bottom bar and search field into one sheet container could restrict the viewable area for search results, hindering functionality and the overall user experience.

In a novel change, the Google logo will vanish from the search results page, with Search filters becoming instantly visible instead.

Google’s new layout for Android search bar

The default color scheme is also getting a tweak, shifting from the conventional Dynamic Color to a more appealing shade of blue. This change aims to offer a smooth browsing experience by creating contrast against the Search results’ background.

This redesigned search bar offers a fresh look to the Google app, falling in line with modern interface design trends. It hints at a wider deployment on Android devices in the future. With such significant modifications, Google continues to align with the latest design trends, enhancing user experience across the globe.

Google’s commitment to enhancing user delight is evident in its frequent updates and adaptations. As part of their ongoing development, the Google Search app will likely see more transformations to stay in line with changing design trends and provide an improved user experience.

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