Scranton businesses adapt to food delivery trend

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"Scranton Food Delivery"

The surge in the use of food delivery apps has prompted local Scranton businesses, such as Downtown Deli and Gerrity’s Supermarket, to reconsider their business strategies. Their consideration to incorporate modern technologies into their business models reflects a potential expansion in the local digital economy and a switch in consumer preferences.

Both businesses are mulling over partnerships with food delivery apps to remain competitive and meet their customers’ evolving needs. They anticipate this transition will result in improved customer satisfaction and enhanced sales.

Downtown Deli has recorded a substantial increase in orders via DoorDash, particularly on weekends. This finding has spurred them to increase their staff, from cooks to delivery personnel, to maintain their service quality.

This surge in orders has not only boosted the business’s profits but also generated job opportunities for the local community. The Deli is also investing in advanced kitchen equipment to ensure efficient order preparation and delivery.

Lauren Leppo, the floor manager at Downtown Deli, underlines the significant role food delivery apps play in the establishment’s daily operations. She models the business’s transition to utilizing technology in their operations.

Adapting to the food delivery economy

Leppo points out that these apps have not only broadened their customer reach but also streamlined their takeaway services.

Similarly, Gerrity’s Supermarket has also experienced an upsurge in activity through food delivery apps. Co-owner, Joe Fasula, asserts the impactful changes brought upon by these digital platforms. Fasula observed a considerable increase in sales due to these apps, displaying that consumers appreciate their convenience.

The supermarket is now continually upgrading its digital interfaces and streamlined delivery processes to cope with this rise in e-commerce. Gerrity’s has even begun offering discounts and deals exclusive for app users to boost customer loyalty and interaction.

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Businesses face challenges due to the shift in consumer behavior but remain determined to adapt using innovative methods. They are witnessing the importance of digital transformation and heavily investing in upgrading their tech infrastructure, which includes everything from boosting their online presence to incorporating AI into operations.

Besides, businesses are realizing the crucial role of fostering strong customer relationships in the new digital era. Interaction with customers using platforms like social media or customer service is becoming increasingly significant.

Food delivery apps have become prominent in the food industry because of their user-friendly interfaces and convenience; providing customers with a wider food selection, easier access to eateries, and an improved home-dining experience. The rise of these mobile apps has indeed brought an innovative transformation to the food delivery industry.

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