Happy National Entrepreneurs’ Day!

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 19, 2010

national entrepreneurs dayBack in May of 2010, Grasshopper founders David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos, started a petition to the President to create a National Entrepreneurs’ Day.  They couldn’t figure out why the most entrepreneurial country in the world didn’t have a day dedicated to recognize and celebrate entrepreneurship.  Both David and Siamak truly believe that entrepreneurs can do anything, even stimulate a real economic turnaround.  Hopefully this accomplishment can be a small, yet powerful, reminder that even those lofty dreams you had as a kid, are still possible.

The National Entrepreneurs’ Day petition was the first ever Twitter petition to the first President on Twitter.  The petition started to gain serious momentum with the “signatures” of some really notable people.  In fact, it generated so much buzz that the Kauffman Foundation got wind of it and wanted to help.  The support of the Kauffman Foundation was key because we were able to leverage their political authority and connections as well as our network of influential entrepreneurs to get the attention of the White House.

As of Tuesday, November 15th, President Barack Obama officially proclaimed Friday, November 19th as National Entrepreneurs’ Day!  Everyone’s support and hard work has finally paid off, so what now?

What you can do to celebrate

The possibilities are endless!  Why not give thanks?  If you know an entrepreneur, thank them for all of their hard work or if you are an entrepreneur yourself, thank the people who have helped you get to where you are. Or, how about mentoring an aspiring entrepreneur, or paying it forward by giving to those who are just starting out?  In short, celebrate the first ever National Entrepreneurs’ Day by giving back and giving thanks to the entrepreneurs in your community.

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What we’re doing to celebrate

Our Buzz Team is flying over to Omaha, NE for BarCampOmaha!  Put on by the same awesome entrepreneurs who do BigOmaha, they are expecting an awesome turnout of over 200+ people! Stephanie and Jonathan will be throwing the Opening Party tonight, making sure everyone gets a free drinks and meets some new people!  What better way to celebrate a day like this then supporting, meeting, and drinking with a new entrepreneurial community.

Lastly, in honor of the first ever National Entrepreneurs’ Day, Grasshopper Group is celebrating by giving back, mentoring, and paying it forward! We will be giving away $5k and more to high school entrepreneurs who are passionate, driven, and have potential for success.  Each student winner will receive a $1,000 grant to help them with their business, mentoring from our founders Siamak and David, as well as a year’s worth of free Grasshopper, Chargify, and Spreadable services.

Thanks to all those who made this day happen!  Happy National Entrepreneurs’ Day everyone and please spread the word!

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