Hip Hop Stock Market: Trade Stock of Pop Icons While Learning Finance

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A love for finance turns into a innovative new educational platform. Hip Hop Stock Market was founded by Adam Blaire and Sherif Balogun to help educate and inform users on investing and finance. The platform lets you interactively trade stock for pop icons based on what you think they will do next. Things like album sales, lawsuits, endorsement deals and more all play into if the individuals stock will go up or down.

While still in the early stages the market place is an interesting way to engage people with an interactive game but also educate them about finance. Read the profile below to learn more about the platform and the ideas they have for the future of it.

What is the story behind your company?

Adam Blaire and Sherif Balogun’s love for finance and investing was born in high school when the two met in the hallways of Coral Gables Senior High (Miami, Florida) After high school, the two continued their business studies at Florida International University, where Blaire majored in Accounting and Balogun in International Business and Finance.

After learning how easy it was to turn a small investment into a great portfolio, meaning large monetary returns, they thought it would be a great idea to create a tool that enabled financial education to an under-served population and provide alternative for the nations’ youth.

As both contemplated the idea, Mr. Balogun thought of a popular quote made by media-giant music sensation Jay-Z: “”I’m not just a businessman, I’m a business– man!”

Taking particular note of how praised musicians, sports figures, and pop icons are by our youth- it was only natural… to interrelate the two in some way. This idea then became the Hip Hop Stock Market.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

HHSM’s mission is to inform, educate, and enlighten users on the fundamentals of finance and investing through a virtual and entertaining stock market.

The cornerstone of our philosophy lies within a “4E-Strategy”: Educate, Entertain, Engage, and Evolve.

HHSM’s virtual stock market provides an exceptionally interactive experience that is unrivalled on the web or in the classroom.

Leveraging this philosophy will enable HHSM to deliver significant value to its investors, employees, and users.

Future plans for the company?

Music Stock Market LLC plans to:

  • Expand into separate websites for Sports, Rock, Hip Hop, and Pop music.
  • Publish Investing and other Financial modules in multiple languages for classroom and home education.
  • Promote the enterprise nationally and internationally.
  • Monetize the enterprise into a successful business venture.
  • Launch the non-profit arm by June 2011.



Founders and Ages:

Adam Blaire, CPA: 29
Sherif Balogun: 28

What was the start-up budget?


What are some questions you have for the Under30CEO audience?

Question 1: increasing website traffic
Question 2: money
Question 3: investors

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