How a Well Designed Office Can Boost Your Business

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 6, 2012

Over the years, more and more businesses are realising how important the office décor and atmosphere is to boost employee productivity, morale and happiness.

A good office design can create a calming, dynamic working environment which in turn will benefit your staff. Improving the interior design can lead to increases in office productivity and new research has shown that getting your workers involved in the design is crucial.

Findings by the University of Exeter in partnership with Ambius revealed that simply giving employees input into the development of the office design and organisation improved productivity by 32%. Imagine the possibilities of your business if you amended the office décor and considered feedback from your staff?

Obviously the layout will depend on the nature of work and the available space. One can dream of having a dedicated reception area and meeting room but if you don’t have the room dimensions, this idea is flawed. Take into account what space you have free and use it to the best of its ability.

Here are five top tips to help you on your way to create a great office design.

  • Innovation

Whereas before there was a big emphasis on a functional workspace; now there has been a big shift towards innovative designs. What make your company unique? Work with the designer and your employees to integrate the firm’s core notions into the space solutions. Do you have special company characters or mottos? Incorporate them into the wall design and art deco.

  • Fun and recreation

The majority of organisations for some time have seen the workplace as a corporate environment but many are now realising the importance of incorporating fun and recreation into the design. Big named brands are now offering day-care facilities for employees with dedicated crèches and large corporate houses are installing sport facilities.

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What used to be a traditional, boring reception area is now turning into friendly greeting areas. Why have mundane offices when you can offer much more? It will not only improve your employee’s wellbeing but it will also boost the brand’s reputation to prospective clients.

  • Social interaction

The workplace should also have social areas that lie within the office as a secure, interaction zone. This can help to foster relationships with clients, family and friends and build your workforce’s teamwork. How can you do this? Create a lounge or café bar that provides a hospitable and relaxed environment.

  • Sustainability

Findings by Jones Lang LaSalle showed that employee morale is boosted by sustainable buildings. Simply by installing good ventilation and natural lighting, worker productivity improves. Indicators include increases in satisfaction and comfort and reduced sick days.

  • Balanced setting

Make sure you retain a balanced office design. It is great to include sporting facilities, recreational areas and innovative furniture but too many distractions can reduce productivity. What is more, employees can become complacent and this can reduce creativity. So, the key to ensuring employee productivity is to design a satiable environment.

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