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It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s another article about the booming market for Pokémon cards. So what is the latest news? Turns out, the value of Pokémon cards is soaring – and Charizard cards are worth the most! Card collecting has long been a hobby, and now Pokémon is back in fashion because of the pandemic. In fact, there are reports that a Charizard Pokemon card was sold for over $490,000!

Why is this happening? Well, collectors have been interested in buying Charizard cards over the past few years and this interest is only increasing with time. So if you have any of these cards lying around, now might be a good time to sell them off! That said, let’s see some of the most common Charizard cards and their prices.

How Much Are Charizard Pokémon Cards Worth? 7 Rarest Charizard Cards

Pokémon cards are a popular collectible, and the Charizard Pokemon card is no exception. As the card game has increased in popularity in recent years, so too has the value of these cards. Make sure to research the worth of each card before you buy it, to avoid spending too much money on something that’s not worth it. That said, here’s a list of the 7 rarest Charizard cards with their prices:

  1. Shining Charizard 2002 Neo Destiny 1st Edition

  • Estimated Price: $3,000 to $14,000+ depending on condition

It’s typically the rarest card to appear in a deck, and the Charizard is the hologram in the card, making it a unique addition to the list of all Charizard cards.

  1. Charizard – Pokémon Skyridge

  • Estimated Price: $4,000-$18,000+ depending on condition
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Although this card rarely comes up for sale in the market, people have even made hundreds of dollars just by selling its copies.

  1. Charizard – 2002 English Pokémon Expedition

  • Estimated Price: $630-$21,000 depending on the condition

The price of this one rose pretty fast, from $5,000 in 2020 to a whopping $21,000 in 2022.

  1. 1995 Japenese Topsun Green Back Charizard

  • Estimated Price: $700-$18,000+ depending on condition

Even though it is a pretty old card, meaning it should have a higher classic value, it is undervalued due to less demand for greenback cards nowadays.

  1. Charizard – 1996 Pokémon Japan Base No Rarity

  • Estimated Price: $14,000-$45,000 depending on condition

This one is the 2nd Charizard card ever printed, so it’s no wonder why it’s so popular among card collectors.

  1. 1st Edition Pokémon Game English Base 1999 Charizard

  • Estimated Price: $11,000 – $399,000+ depending on condition

This one is easily the most popular out of all the Charizard cards printed and has been the price leader among Charizard cards.

  1. 1995 Japenese Topsun Blue Back Charizard

  • Estimated Price: $98,000 – $493,000+ depending on the condition

Only four of these cards available are graded with PSA, meaning one of the world’s highest value and rarest cards.

How Much Should I Expect to Earn When Selling Charizard Pokémon Cards?

If you’re a fan of the Charizard, there’s a good chance you’ve been eyeing up the cards for sale. Indeed, we cannot tell you the exact amount of money you can make from this business model. But it can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on two factors:

  • Rarity: Type of grading and number of cards available in the world
  • Condition: Mint condition cards sell for the highest
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If you’re patient and thoughtful about your investments, selling a Charizard Pokemon card can be a very lucrative business. Here are a few resources you should definitely check out before diving into this venture:

So, if you’re thinking of getting into Charizard Pokémon cards trading, start small and build up your collection slowly. You can make a good living from it with a little bit of hard work!

What is the best way to sell Charizard Pokémon cards?

Selling a Charizard Pokemon card can be lucrative, but it requires hard work and dedication. You will have to have original cards, know their value, and have a platform to sell to. Here are some online marketplaces where you can showcase your collection for sale:

  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Card Cavern
  • Troll and Toad
  • TCG Player
  • Cardmarket

You can also go to nearby pawnshops to sell your cards, but we suggest only doing that if you have a rare card because these shops don’t consider pokémon cards unless they are a rarity.

Parting Words:

As you can see, Charizard Cards are quite common, and their value tends to stay consistent throughout the years. Certainly, if you’re looking to invest in Charizard Cards, it would probably be best to start small and work your way up. But overall, these cards make for a great collector’s item!

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