How to Make Your Next Online Product Launch Go Viral

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How to Make Your Product Launch Go Viral

Being a business owner, if I ask you the question “What is the formula to sell a great product” then what will be your answer? Build, advertise, and sell. Right? Yes, this is the Stone Age strategy of businesses to sell their products. And what if I ask you the formula to sell a product online? Is it something different than the traditional ones? Yes, and thanks to the digital era you don’t have to spend a massive budget next time you are planning to launch your new product online.

The objective is simple – build a great product and customers will make a flow to it. Wrong! There is a bridge that connects the making & selling of a new product, which includes lots of strategies, marketing, advertising, or in other words, the pain! Because 80% of your sales depend on your marketing strategies no matter how great a product you have developed. The bridge that I am talking about connects your potential customers on an emotional level to make them buy your product. So everything lies in the right product with the right strategy.

So are you ready with a new product to launch online successfully? If yes, then what are the Pre-launch viral elements you have prepared? Just make a checklist.

  • Content Marketing with blogs, newsletters?
  • A beautifully designed landing page with effective sales copy and user interface elements?
  • Social media engagements through fan pages?

Viral Marketing

If the above-mentioned strategies are what you have implemented, then it’s high time I tell you what you are actually missing out on your behalf. And that is – the viral marketing part to reach out to your massive target audience all across the globe and to add a “viral factor” to your marketing campaign, you must connect with your audience on an emotional level. So when it comes to viral marketing for your product launch online, A Product Explainer Video works wonders for your business by connecting with your customers on an emotional level.

So now the question you might be getting is “Why do you need an explainer/intro video for your product?” Or in which way “a product explainer video” is going to help you out? Let me explore the insights.

The Persuasive Factor, The User Engagement

If a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth a million. Now if I ask you to recall the last website you visited, what are the elements flashing in your mind? Texts? Or images? Definitely, the answer is “Images”. Audience love watching pictorial representations over high-volume texts. If you want your message to be remembered then communicate the emotional information, rather than facts, and what would be better than “an animated explainer video”?

Increases the Brand Awareness

In the digital market, brand reputation is what it takes to succeed with your e-commerce business and online product. A company with a “High brand value” definitely holds the advantage over its competitors. And when I talk about high brand awareness, there come some online branding elements and “a high-quality intro video with a landing page” on your website.

Helps to Make a Decision – the elevator pitch!

If I ask you to describe your product in one line, what would be your answer? This is the “elevator pitch” which is the most important part of your marketing. And there comes your Explainer Video. An explainer video simplifies your product details in making your customer more convinced about the benefits and the most interesting fact is, it does so in a time frame of just 1min to 1.20 min. So as a whole, you have one minute to turn your audience into buyers and get the most out of it.

Drives Massive Traffic – Viral Marketing

Intro videos help in more user engagement and with social media channels you can go real viral by reaching out to a wider audience. If you succeed in hitting at the emotional plot, they have got a reason to share it among their friends. Because people share what they love.

ROI – Videos Sell More!

When it comes to e-commerce product sales, products having explainer videos sell 45% more than those that don’t have one. Why? Well if a picture conveys 1000 words then an intro video converts 1000 more sales.

For example, had over 8,000 sign-ups from their intro video on the launch rock page and if you look at Dropbox, then after a failed AdWords campaign of $388, Dropbox came with an explainer video plus a download button on its home page & you know the results. But DO you know what was the CPC? It was just $0.001 per customer. Now you calculate the math.

So now the whole picture boils down to the question, How can you get an explainer video for your product?

It’s simple. There are a number of video production companies already out there to take your business to the next level. You can find some of the biggies here.

But the steep part is their price range varies from $5k to $15k. I mean the question is do you have enough budget to spend on a 1-minute video? If yes, then that’s great. And if not, then that’s great too.

In the next part of this post, I am going to tell you how to get an explainer video on your budget. Yes, the keyword here is your budget.

It’s again simple. Be your own project manager and list out the tasks first.

When you divide the making of an explainer video, you will get this:

  • Script ( the most important task) – be your own boss
  • Voice Over/ Music – Outsource
  • Animation/Production – Outsource
  • Publishing & Marketing – be your own boss

This way you can save a lot amount of your hard-earned money.

Now the whole thing comes down to the most important part of a product intro video – THE SCRIPT.

So how do you get your script right for your product introduction?

  1. The Art of Storytelling – when it comes to presenting your product in front of your customers, storytelling holds the key. Tell a story in a structural way, like setting your customers on a journey. You can start the story by narrating a problem faced by a customer. When you represent a problem with a person, visitors start visualizing themselves in that situation. There comes the personalization factor. Do it right, connect with your audience through a true story.
  2. Set the trigger – Once you are successful in connecting with your audience, set the emotional trigger. This time, one step ahead. Engage and get involved with their pain.
  3. Be the Savior – Now you have got a chance to introduce your product. Pitch it in and make your audience realize that your product is the only answer they have been looking for all along. Explain the benefits, not the features.
  4. Fire a Secret Weapon – When you move towards your goal, don’t forget to fire a secret weapon of yours. And that should be “why you” – maybe one single sentence or one-line humor leading to a call to action like sign up, create an account!

You are done with the script! Now outsource the voice-over/music and animation part, and get your product explainer video.

This is a guest post by Guru Sanket Biswal, Founder & Director at Fedobe Solutions Pvt Ltd, An Online Marketing Company That deals with Explainer Videos, Custom video intros, Landing Page Design & Search Engine Optimization.

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