How to Nail an Interview

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Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for people to mess up their interviews. There’s a reason that so many people who excel academically are unable to land a job. Most people think there’s no secret to nailing an interview, and it’s all about luck. But that’s not necessarily true.

Yes, some interviewers do give candidates a hard time, but there’s a lot you can do to change the outcome of your interview too. If you want to flourish in your career, it’s about time you learn how to nail an interview. After all, you cannot make headways in your professional life until you land a job, right?

Nailing Your Interview: Tips and Tricks to Know

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For one thing, you have to remember that it’s crucial you treat everyone you come across during the entire process respectfully. Some might think it’s obvious, but it’s quite common for people to be dismissive of others, probably due to nerves on the interview day.

This can quickly backfire. Make it a point to be cordial to everyone you encounter, from the receptionist to the people you share a lift with. Keep in mind your interview starts the moment you enter the office. You never know when you are being watched. A little bit of rudeness can cost you your job! And now, let’s give you more tips on how to nail an interview and get your dream job!

Work on Your First Impression

Indeed! First impressions are of utmost importance in the professional world. And you have to value non-verbal cues even more. More often than not, you have the first few moments to actually impress your employer and encourage him to give you a chance. So don’t blow it up.

Smile confidently, and shake hands with your interviewer. Don’t hesitate to make eye contact. And, of course, let them know via your demeanor that you actually value this opportunity. Don’t sit down instantly and wait for the invite. It’s the little things that matter during the interview.

You have to work hard to ensure that your attitude right from the moment you walk across the doors reeks of energy and enthusiasm. Of course, you have to work on your dressing style too. You must ensure that your dress style matches the company you are interviewing at.

Try to find out more about the company’s dress code via its social media account and website and incorporate that into your style for your interview.

Small Talk Matters!

A lot of people prepare for the interview, focusing on all the big questions. However, it’s during the small talk that you have the most chance of blowing things up. Remember, failure to get your small talk right can cost you your job.

Therefore, if you want to nail an interview, you must use this opportunity to build rapport with your employer. Think of a few topics that can come up during the interview and prepare accordingly. You have to ensure that the conversation flows smoothly. Always keep in mind there should be no awkward pauses in your interview!

Be Clear about the Message

It’s not possible to nail an interview if you don’t create a lasting impression on your interviewer. By the end of your interview, your employer should have a clear idea about what you can bring to the company and what your expectations are.

Make it a point to ensure that as your interview ends, your employer has at least three key points to remember about you. Be natural during your interview and let them know why you want to land this job and how you feel you can be a good match for the company. At the same time, don’t hold back and talk about what you expect to get from this job too.

Think about Crisis Management

In the wake of the pandemic, this is one question you would inevitably be asked. How will you respond in a crisis situation? Most businesses found themselves in a lurch during the COVID-19 pandemic. And only those companies managed to stay afloat whose employees rose to the challenge and played their part and keeping the operations smooth.

Unsurprisingly, these are the kind of employees your interviewer will be looking for. So you have to give the impression that you are ready to deal with unexpected situations. Your interviewer should get the message that you aren’t someone who bows down in the face of a challenge.

Give Time to Rehearsals

Yes, you must rehearse for an adequate amount of time if you want to nail an interview. Typically, people get nervous during their interviews which prevents them from answering questions confidently. Reduce the chances of this happening by monitoring your conduct.

Rehearse everything from the way you look to the questions you anticipate. Don’t practice in front of the mirror, as staring at your face like that can be distracting. Instead, you can ask a friend or family member to help you out.

Interview with a Positive Mindset

interview with a positive mindset

We get it! Landing a job is a huge deal for you. But this is also the time to remain calm. You cannot let your emotions get the better of you. Remember, your non-verbal cues are detected by your interviewer too. Therefore, if you serial want to nail an interview, keep negativity at bay.

Convince yourself that everything is happening for the best. At the same time, be emotive and warm during your interview without going over the top. Yes, it’s not easy to look for a job. But you have to be easy on yourself. The competition is stiff, and you will find people all around you in the same boat.

So even if it takes some time to land your dream job, don’t feel dejected. Things will eventually fall into place. In the meanwhile, work on interview skills that will impress your potential employers without fail!

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