How to Overcome Those Doubtful Looks—Your Advantages and How to Use Them

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doubtfulBy now you know that in order to create a successful business you will most likely need investors to help your new company get off the ground. The quality of your idea is your backbone to success, but there are other ways to get investors interested. You may initially be concerned that your age will be a problem, but believe it or not, being younger can be a huge advantage. In fact, many investors will find this fact just as appealing as your actual idea. If you come in contact with an investor who is skeptical, bring up these four points and you’re sure to win him or her over.

Knowledge of technology

Email and social media networks such as MySpace have been around since you were probably about ten years old. You are one of the first generations to grow up with a sense of technology. Even if there is a program or website you are unfamiliar with, you are likely comfortable enough with technology that you can figure out first how to use it, and then how to use it to your advantage. Experience does matter, and this is an area where you have had just as much, if not more, practice than some of the veteran CEOs.

Young, energetic, motivated

At first it may take you longer to get the hang of running your own business, and this is something you can tell an investor. There is no need to hide the fact that some aspects of your business may be more difficult for you than someone experience. However, highlight the fact that your excitement and motivation will compensate. Young people are known to be passionate and full of energy as opposed to worn out by years of working 40 hour weeks, so use this to your advantage.

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If you have just graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, you already have a leg up on the competition in terms of the latest business theories and practices. You were learning from those who have experienced different business situations, and you were learning the best ways to handle these situations. There is always room for improvement, and your business will be starting at the top when it comes to best practices.


Starting a business takes a lot of time that many people do not have. If you are right out of college and do not have a family to take care of or bills piling up, then you will have the time necessary to create a new, successful business, not to mention the ability to take risks. Risks are often necessary to success, so this fact could be appealing to those looking to invest in you and your idea.

Remember; do not attempt to undermine those more experienced than you. There are strengths and weaknesses to each person, and it is not in your best interest to assume anything about your competition. If you are confident in your product and your ability to perform, regardless of your age, no other companies should matter to your potential investors.

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics ranging from GPS fleet tracking software to Email Marketing at Resource Nation, an online resource providing tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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