How to Start Your Business With Less Money and Fewer Mistakes

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Welcome to our free eCourse that aims to get your business up and running the right way from day one. The course is packed with the advice, products, motivation and discounts you need to get a professional business running in a cost effective and efficient manner.

What it is does:

The course is meant to help guide you through the initial steps of starting a business so you can avoid the countless hours of trial and error that most people suffer through. No longer do you have to read hundreds articles and spend thousands of dollars testing out the “right way” to launch your business.  We want to get you on the road to profits sooner.

The course covers 5 crucial topics when you’re starting out.

  • Naming your business and branding yourself and company with business cards and a logo
  • We will show you how to create an awesome website to display your business to the world and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars!
  • How to setup up your businesses legal structure. Lawyers can charge upwards of $500/hour but you won’t be paying that!
  • How will you finance this business? We will show you the best options and how to manage the money once you have it.
  • Let’s get you those customers. It is time to market your business to the world. We will show you how to find your customers using cost effective techniques.

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We will save you money!

One of the most important things we’ve learned at Under30CEO over the years is that young business owners are working on a budget. It is a constant battle to start a business that looks professional but do it on a limited budget. So we decided to start solving this problem.

The eCourse not only discusses important topics but also recommends the best products and services for you to start out with. We recommend these products based on ease of use, professionalism and cost.

Plus our own discounts…

We have negotiated our own discounts on these services. We have secured exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services from hosting to accounting to incorporation services that we want to pass on to you. We hope that by doing this more people will not only be able to start a business but will be able to use premium services at the start so their business looks professional from day one.

The discounts don’t stop after the 5 day course. Maybe you saw us give you 3 months free of Less Accounting or 75% off New York Entrepreneurship Week.

These types of deals on products, services and events will be announced regularly in our newsletter. Once again with the intention of bringing you the best products at even better prices to help start your business.

This is our mission at Under30CEO

We have always been out to help more young people start companies that follow their passions and help them reach their life goals. We want to improve on how we do this with all of these new offerings. Have you read the Under30CEO Story?

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At Under30CEO you can still expect the same inspiration, motivation and interviews we have always put out but now with even more actionable advice and recommendations. We want our readers not only to be pumped up about the idea of running a business but we want you to be able to take action on that inspiration.

We’re looking forward to helping hundreds of thousands of young people build amazing companies!

Good luck!

-The Under30CEO Team

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Free 5 Day eCourse: How to Start Your Business With Less Money and Fewer Mistakes

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