How Top Real Estate Agents Close More Deals with HouseJet

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How Top Real Estate Agents Close More Deals with HouseJet

As a real estate agent, volume is the name of the game. In order to close more deals, you have to add more prospects to the top of the funnel. Not only that, but you have to put processes in place to efficiently move more of those prospects down the funnel and turn them into sales. There’s a powerful platform in the marketplace known as HouseJet, which is changing the game and allowing real estate agents to not only fill their pipelines with leads but also turn them into deals. It was started by CEO Mike Oddo, and has quickly exploded onto the scene as one of the top systems for agents interested in sustainable growth.

The Origins of HouseJet

When Mike Oddo was 20 years old, he moved from his hometown in Omaha, Nebraska, to start a real estate career in Lake of the Ozarks. What he got in fresh scenery, he lost in leverage. He no longer had a network of people who could help him out – but he plowed ahead with cold calling and door-knocking. As you might guess, Mike struggled with this strategy for many years before ultimately discovering the power of online lead generation in 2012. At 26 years old, online advertising helped him turn into a seven-figure agent – eventually becoming the number one agent in his market.

Eventually, Mike reached a point where $1 million per year in revenue was his base standard. At this point, he saw a new challenge. He wanted to help other agents do the same in their own markets. He knew how to do it – he just had to systemize and teach it. That’s where HouseJet was born.

What is HouseJet?

HouseJet is an innovative platform designed for real estate agents, offering a unique lead generation and client engagement system that relies on advanced technology and powerful training. It provides Local Expert Agents with exclusive, high-quality leads alongside a suite of tools such as custom-branded websites, an AI-driven CRM, and dedicated inside sales support to ensure quick lead follow-up. Agents get access to high-quality leads, while HouseJet accepts a very small fee at closing.

Why Agents Are Using HouseJet

HouseJet isn’t just another tool to confuse you – it’s a practical platform that’s designed to make it easier to close more deals. It uses a pretty unique approach, which provides exclusive leads through a first-of-its-kind referral program, specifically catering to something they call “Local Expert Agents.”

The goal, while lofty, isn’t just to provide leads. HouseJet wants to empower you to become the go-to real estate authority in your area. As a result, it enhances your brand and ensures your position as the top agent.

What sets Houseet apart is its custom support system, tailored specifically for the needs of real estate agents. This includes custom-branded websites that resonate with your personal brand identity, as well as more advanced social branding techniques.

At the heart of HouseJet’s ecosystem is its AI-driven CRM, which is designed to optimize client engagement and streamline your sales process. This capability, combined with the dedicated Inside Sales Agent Team, ensures rapid follow-up on leads, which sets you apart.

HouseJet’s Built-In AI Solutions

At the core of the HouseJet platform, you’ll find MAX and LISA. No, these aren’t your new neighbors – they’re actually proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) systems designed to improve your lead generation and client engagement.

MAX actively optimizes your marketing efforts, ensuring that your lead generation is as effective and targeted as possible. Meanwhile, LISA, your digital AI assistant, takes client engagement to the next level by texting clients on your behalf to set appointments. This ensures that you can focus on what you do best — closing deals and building relationships — while LISA handles the initial engagement (making sure no lead goes unattended).

Mike and the team behind HouseJet understand that success in real estate is not just about having the right tools but also about having the right knowledge and strategies. That’s why they also offer a proven training program built into the HouseJet system. It guides you on how to earn over $1 million in commissions annually.

Adding it All Up

Agents think of HouseJet as a partner in their journey to becoming top real estate agents in their individual markets. By providing exclusive leads, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled support, HouseJet makes it possible to close more deals and elevate your brand at the same time (which inevitably fuels future business). And it’s all thanks to CEO Mike Oddo, who took what he learned and decided to share it with other agents.

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