How True Entrepreneurs Seize the Opportunity

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How True Entrepreneursd Seize OpportunityWe have all heard it.  “Oh, if I had only acted on that idea back then, I’d be rich.”  Or, “I had the idea in my head but never acted on it.”

Many people who say these things are not true entrepreneurs or they simply haven’t trained themselves to trust themselves just yet.  While normal people sit on the sidelines and wait for things to come to them, entrepreneurs are out finding solutions for everyday problems and making a great living doing it.  It’s not all riches and glory; in fact, it’s a lot of hard work.

Overall, true entrepreneurs have a “can do” attitude and make things happen.

We move forward to study concepts thoroughly to determine the right method for going about the business, generally through the course of putting together a business plan.  True entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to pay to have it done right in order to maximize the return on their investment and give them the best opportunity to succeed.  That business plan then doubles as a tool to achieve capital investments to move forward.  All of this while the fake entrepreneur sits on their couch and waits for their big break (which normally never comes).

As an owner of a business plan development company, ideas and business concepts come across my desk every day.  Some of them are truly terrific ideas, ones that solve real world problems and provide incredible solutions.  In many cases, nothing ever comes of these ideas, because they are simply in the hands of individuals who are unmotivated to move forward.  It’s disappointing to me because I know these ideas can help people to better their lives and make the business owner a good amount of money.  Instead, they are simply ideas, and never become a reality.

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So how do you know whether you should take the idea and go in to business?

Putting together an accurate and top quality business plan is the first step.  You can have it done professionally, increasing your opportunities to get funded, or do the work on your own.  Make sure to work quickly while you still have the momentum and your brain is freshly processing the idea, as this is your most motivated time and will increase the chances that you can make the concept a reality.  In my experience, entrepreneurs who don’t act quickly with new ideas get beat to market or never start their business.  It’s easy to lose momentum and focus if you don’t move forward soon after the initial idea is generated.

When you have a great idea, whether for a medical breakthrough or a physical business in your local community, I encourage you to not let it waste away.  Act on it.  Study it.  Plan it.  Can you make it work?  Can you be profitable?  Sometimes the answer is no, and you go back to your current life.  Sometimes the answer is yes, and you may have changed your life forever.  You’ll never know if you never get up to give it a shot.

Brian Gilmore is the founder and Executive Director of Optimus Business Plans LLC in Dallas, Texas.  Optimus Business Plans is an industry leader in business plan development and assists clients with the acquisition of funding.  Mr. Gilmore can be reached by phone at 972-774-4402.

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