The Secret to Growing Your Instagram Following: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In many companies, Instagram serves as the foundation for their social media presence. It is the most used platform (alongside TikTok), and you can use it for your own personal reasons, or for your business. Competition is fierce because of the proliferation of new brands. If you want to stand out, you have got to have the right following. So, how flexible are you in adjusting your online persona to attract organic Instagram followers? Here are some steps that can help with your goals.


 4 Rules


1. Reels are the new way

Consider sharing some clips to keep your Instagram fans entertained. Reels are unexplored territory for advertising companies, and many people still don’t know how to create them. This is where you need to think big & dig deep to find something you like. Discover what people like on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, and then add your own distinctive spin on it. Give your listeners something to learn, as reels can make an amazing impact, no matter the niche that you’re in.


2. Keywords all over

Followers need to find you before you can gain them. So, your account needs to be unlocked and public.

However, not all text on Instagram can be searched. Only the name and username fields on Instagram are used to determine search results. Utilizing your brand name for it or a slightly different name that customers likely type in when researching your company online. You have a maximum of 30 characters for your name, so insert relevant information and keywords that can help with your exposure.


3. Know when to post

When you post on Instagram, there is no definitive time that will guarantee the highest level of interaction with your content. There are, however, strategies for pinpointing peak viewing times. By utilizing Instagram Insights, you can determine when is best to post. Also, consider the contexts in which your data will be most useful. For instance, a step-by-step recipe video is more likely to be viewed outside of normal business hours, when more people are likely to be cooking. Your place of living and your time zone will also play a role in this case.


4. The fast-paced approach

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