Why Your Healthcare Brand Needs to Be on Instagram

by / ⠀Blog / November 21, 2022
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If you’ve been trying to find the best social media platform for your healthcare brand and business but can’t seem to make a decision, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It can be tough to decide which one will work best for you and your company.

In this article, I’ll tell you why Instagram is the best option. It’s simple to use, has a wide range of features, and is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with your customers and build relationships with them.

Why Instagram?

I’ll tell you why below. But first, let’s talk about just how big of a reach Instagram has. According to Business Insider, more than 50 million businesses use Instagram as an advertising platform. That’s huge!

Those businesses are posting more than 95 million images daily. And the average Instagram user spends a whopping 23 minutes each day on the platform. That means you have an incredible opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers and connect with them meaningfully.

The Power of Visual Content

It’s not just a trend. Did you know that Facebook has spent $1 billion to buy Instagram? And they did it because they knew how powerful Instagram was. They were right! 35% of American adults now use Instagram and that too with hours of engagement.

Instagram users are also more engaged than Facebook users. And they’re very likely to buy from brands that they follow. We are hardwired to respond to visuals, which is why businesses that use visual content see a big ROI.

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In fact, articles with images get 94% more views than those without. It’s not just about pretty pictures, though. The right visuals can tell a story, evoke emotion, and even change people’s behavior. That’s powerful stuff.

Building Trust and Credibility

The goal of any business is to create a trusting relationship with your customers. Visual content makes that easier by building trust and credibility. According to Hubspot, 83% of consumers believe that visual marketing makes brands more trustworthy. Moreover, you’ll see higher engagement rates with visual content over plain text.

As the marketing industry continues to grow, so does the need for reliable and trustworthy marketing agencies. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Look for a cannabis marketing agency that has a strong social media following and positive reviews online. With their experience, you will be sure to reach a wider target audience in no time.

Increasing Brand Awareness

When you work with a marketing agency like Dagmar Marketing, the focus will be on increasing your brand awareness. Your goal is to make your company known to customers, and that begins with building trust with potential customers. A reputable agency will help you achieve this by establishing a presence online and on social media.

Instagram is perfect for your healthcare brand for several reasons:

  • It’s visual: The images on Instagram draw the eye, and they’re easy to digest. This is a huge advantage for healthcare marketing because you can show your customers what you do in a way that isn’t overwhelming.
  • It’s mobile-first: In 2017, Instagram was the fastest-growing social media platform for mobile devices. That’s a huge advantage for healthcare brands because most patients are using their phones to search for healthcare.
  • It’s sharable: In 2017, Instagram users were sharing more than 4 million photos and videos every day. This is a huge advantage for healthcare brands because it’s another way to get your content in front of potential patients and customers.
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It Offers Engagement

In 2017, Instagram users were spending an average of 21 minutes on the platform every day. That’s a huge advantage for healthcare brands because it gives them more opportunities to engage with potential patients and customers. So how do you use Instagram to market your healthcare brand?

  • You want to make sure that your Instagram account is optimized for mobile. This is important because Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content that’s created for mobile devices.
  • If you have a website, it should be optimized for mobile as well.
  • It’s also important to make sure your profile is complete. You should also include a link to your website or other social media accounts.
  • When you’re creating your bio, don’t just say what you do and leave it at that. Try to include a call-to-action, such as telling people to follow your account for more info about the services you offer.
  • If you’re posting a photo of a medical procedure, make sure that the patient’s face and any identifying characteristics are blurred out or cropped out of the picture. This will prevent them from being identified by their friends and family.

Instagram Is Versatile

Instagram is a versatile platform that can be used for sharing photos, videos, and stories. Healthcare professionals can use Instagram to share educational content, connect with patients, and promote their brands. The unique features that come with Instagram make it incredibly easy to use. It takes only a few seconds to post an image or video, and it can be done right from the phone. Instagram doesn’t require complex features, so it is much more intuitive than other platforms.

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Users can easily post photos and videos with the click of a button. The social media platform also allows users to edit their content using filters, which make images and videos look more professional.


As a healthcare provider, it’s important to be where your patients are—and these days, that means being on Instagram. Healthcare brands that want to stay relevant and top-of-mind for their patients need to have an active presence on the platform. Instagram provides an opportunity to connect with patients in a more personal way and build trust through social approval.

While it may seem like a daunting task to get started on Instagram, the bottom line is that it’s worth the effort. By creating engaging content and using relevant hashtags, you can reach a whole new audience of potential patients and take your healthcare business to new heights.

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