Internet Passion Creates Successful Young Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / May 26, 2012

There is no question that some of the best opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs are in the Internet sector. Having a passion for creating something from nothing has led many young people to work in this quickly developing arena.

Hurdles faced by entrepreneurs in the traditional business world, such as those relating to experience, education and financial resources, have been lowered or completely removed in the online world. In many ways, the advent of the World Wide Web has produced a blossoming of opportunities for young business people.

Those who have tasted business success online at a relatively young age typically share some common characteristics, including:

They Aren’t Afraid Of Hard Work

As with most undertakings, the hallmark of success on the Internet is hours and hours of hard work. Kyle James, founder of the affiliate marketing business, doesn’t simply offer coupon codes. His company offers custom content for each product instead of simply re-posting what has already been written.  This dedication and commitment has helped his company stick out from the crowd and earned it loyal customers and followers.

They Trust Themselves And Their Instincts

Some Internet marketing entrepreneurs are told that they “can’t” many times along the way. The successful ones choose to ignore the naysayers. Consider the story of Bamidele Onibalusi, a Nigerian teenager who created a successful blog,, which offers Internet marketing advice. Bamidele trusted his instincts in going after what he wanted despite his challenging upbringing.

They Are Willing To Take a Risk

Affiliate marketer Paul Bourque found his niche even before he was out of his teens. Jumping into online marketing, he quickly was earning a six-figure income. Without taking the initial risk to try something new, entrepreneurs can’t succeed.

They Know Who They Are

Catherine Cook, developer of, had quick success with her idea to offer school yearbooks online. As the company grew, investors wanted to move the headquarters and change the advertising plan. Catherine and her brothers, who were the company’s co-founders, said no and the site continued to flourish

All of these Internet entrepreneurs – no matter their background or interests – have worked hard and trusted their instincts to create opportunities for themselves and their families. They leveraged a niche that resonated with their personal interests and talents to position them for success in the business world.

The bottom line is simple: The Internet is a place where visions and ideas can become reality for young and old alike.

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