Interview: How to Pitch Your Company to a Venture Capital Firm with Adam Marcus

by / ⠀Entrepreneur Interviews Funding / May 6, 2011

adam-marcusToday we had the chance to speak with Adam Marcus from OpenView Venture Partners. Adam joined OpenView in 2009 after previously working with marketing service investments at Battery Ventures, corporate development with the Boston Celtics, and M&A investments at Lycos.

Adam now focuses his work on several industries including software, digital media and technology. He is passionate about finding and working with entrepreneurs to build the next great companies. Listen to the interview below to hear about his advice for young start-ups pursuing venture capital investments.

Questions in the interview:

  • How do you go about finding the right venture capital firm to partner with?
  • What are a few specific things you would look for in a presentation from a start-up looking for funding?
  • What is a common mistake you see in most presentations?
  • Are there disadvantages to raising venture capital or companies who should not pursue it at all?
  • Besides the money what else does a venture capital firm provide the companies they invest in?
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