Is New York a Paradise for Tech Startups?

by / ⠀Startup Advice / May 8, 2012

That is the statement a recent Mashable article makes about the city. The article talks to Brad Hargreaves, founding partner of startup co-working space General Assembly. According to Hargreaves the boom is related to both the financial collapse and the result of public planning and policy making.

Hargreaves goes onto talk about the four steps he believes cities should follow:

1. Train or attract more technically talented people. “Having talented people and great companies attract more talented people and more great companies.”

2. “Cities must work to keep that homegrown talent from flocking to cities such as New York, San Francisco or Boston.”

3. Entrepreneurs, coders and others in the local startup community must be included along with universities and economic development organizations in dialogue about the city’s future.

4. Intelligent urban planning is key

What do you think about the points made? Why is New York so hot for startups now?

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