Israeli women’s startups shine at Next-Gen Awards

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Israeli Startup Shine

The Next-Gen Women’s Entrepreneurship Award recently celebrated its third year, acknowledging women’s impressive strides in Israel’s burgeoning tech sector. Hosted by The Luzzatto Group at the Google for Startup Campus in Tel Aviv, the event honored the innovation and tenacity of standout female founders.

A key participant was Alisa Givertz, founder of Liquid 360, a security-based startup. Following a personal tragedy, Givertz’s company has developed a real-time 3D surveillance model intending to prevent disasters from overlooked security lapses.

Adding to the array of innovations was the startup Ontime, showcased by its founder, Adi Paz. Ontime is a community-based logistics service aiming to solve challenges faced by 3.4 billion individuals globally who lack access to speedy delivery services.

Israeli women-led startups illuminate Next-Gen Awards

They have earned the title of one of Europe’s top 50 mobility startups, emphasizing collaboration over competition.

Dr. Hadas Ziso presented her health-focused startup, which provides a tool for early detection of endometriosis, a condition affecting 10% of women of reproductive age. Dr. Ziso’s tool is designed to decrease the average diagnosis time for this condition, which currently stands at 11 years.

One of the most poignant moments of the event was honoring Amit Soussana, an attorney and co-CEO who was unable to attend due to being held captive in Gaza since 2023. Despite his absence, his contributions to the tech industry did not go unrecognized.

The event showcased a significant shift in Israel’s high-tech industry. The unique problem-solving creativity displayed at the Next-Gen Women’s Entrepreneurship Award demonstrates this. The event highlighted how the industry is moving from male-dominated towards a more balanced and equitable space, opening doors for women entrepreneurs, and verifying that innovation is not gender-specific.

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