Lauren Siegel drives strategic change at Trepwise

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"Strategic Change"

Lauren Siegel, the Managing Director of Trepwise, is a pivotal figure in the organization, which primarily focuses on strategic planning and organizational culture improvement. The organization collaborates with both non-profit and for-profit entities with a clear mission.

Since Siegel’s appointment in 2016, Trepwise has adopted innovative methodologies that encourage meaningful changes. The strategies they develop are aimed at heightening operational performance and supporting sustainability. They also concentrate on instilling best practices and fostering collaborations and partnerships.

With a French degree, Siegel enjoys assisting women-led organizations and addressing their unique tribulations. Her previous work spans numerous industries, such as food, fashion, beverages, digital media, and public health, equipping her with vast expertise.

As Siegel articulates, Trepwise’s mission revolves around problem-solving: developing strategies and solutions for unique missions.

Lauren Siegel’s strategic impact at Trepwise

This drives the firm to empower people with resources to overcome organizational hurdles and achieve their highest potential.

While dealing with traditional strategic planning, the Trepwise team doesn’t shy away from systems planning for disorganized entities. They lay particular importance on youth development and handling childhood adversity and trauma. They frequently collaborate with local non-profit organizations, emphasizing united efforts for significant societal impact.

Their recent work involved the successful completion of the Whole Health Louisiana project, operated under the Department of Health. The project aimed to confront and mitigate the impacts of childhood trauma and elevate the overall mental and physical health of the younger population in Louisiana.

Inclusive, collaborative systems are crucial for societal improvement. Trepwise, through its state-level engagements in the project, demonstrated its dedication to developing such systems, striving to influence positive societal changes. In essence, the team at Trepwise propels advancement one organization at a time.

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