JustFA releases online consultation service for IFAs

by / ⠀News / April 12, 2024
Online Consultation Service

JustFA, a pioneering technology business, has released a cutting-edge online consultation service for independent financial advisors (IFAs). This powerful platform is securely managed by Seccl, ensuring a reliable service for users.

The platform has been active for 18 months and already serves close to 30 advisory businesses. Thanks to its cost-effective, robust, and flexible business model, the solution is proving particularly attractive to organizations that work with clients with lower asset bases.

The process commences with data collection, which forms the foundation for risk assessment and financial goal setting. The gathered data enables the generation of an integral advisory report, catering to each client’s unique financial circumstances. The client’s approval of the proposed plan sets the ball rolling for the implementation phase.

Post-approval, advisors schedule consultations either in person or via the platform’s video call component. Upon mutual acceptance of any recommendations, the JustFA platform handles the implementation.

JustFA’s online service for financial advisors

The system remains critical in continuously monitoring the strategy and the client’s portfolio. Clients are kept in the loop with regular updates and notified promptly of any necessary adjustments due to alterations in financial status or investment goals.

JustFA’s platform has revolutionized the advisory process. It has extended services to accommodate clients with lesser assets and achieved inclusivity by assuring accessibility to wealth advisory services for more than just high-net-worth individuals. The platform effectively simplifies the complex world of finances, with the added advantage of cost and time savings, further establishing its importance in modern wealth management.

Several companies are already witnessing the benefits of integrating JustFA’s platform into their business operations. By providing a means to decode complex procedures and increase advisory availability, JustFA is leading the transformation of the advisory industry. Its ground-breaking solutions are influencing other businesses to embrace digital change similarly.

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