Keeping Your Dream Alive…While Working For Someone Else

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As entrepreneurs we have a dream and vision of how great our life will be when we have our business up and running. We can see the “open” sign on the door, we can feel the cash running through our fingers, we can hear the accolades of our peers as our business grows and succeeds. But what do when we still wake up every morning to go punch the time clock for someone else? Below you will find some successful actions that will help you prepare yourself for opening day of your dream.

Grow in your surroundings

When you do start your business, at least at first, it is likely that you will have to wear many “hats”. Depending on what business you are in now, try and get as much knowledge from each department as you can because you may have to be ALL the departments for awhile in your new company so spend some quality time with Accounting, HR, and IT to get as much knowledge from them as you can. Especially if you have friends in those areas they can be valuable assets in getting to know the ins and outs of those areas of the business. Also, if the opportunity presents itself, volunteer for projects that will let you have more interactions with different departments than you normally would interact with so that you can have as much time to learn from them as possible.

Become more educated

Many companies provide educational opportunities for their employees such as webinars, white papers, attending trade shows, and obtaining certain certifications to their employees. If where you work is one of those jump at every chance to participate in them! these are free ways for you to expand your knowledge into different areas than you may be familiar with. Don’t pass them up! Even if your company does not provide these opportunities look for local business clubs for networking opportunities and to run your ideas by, and grab some good business books to read as well.

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Watch your managers

How do they make decisions? how do they talk to/treat their employees? how do they react under pressure? How do their employees react to their methods? When you open your own business YOU will be the manager, you have to know what are effective management techniques and what are not. make a list of things your managers do that work and that you should emulate, and things they do that are not effective. When the chance presents itself take the lead on projects and try and implement some of the successful actions of your managers. When you are on your own and their are tough times looking back on your success will be a good reminder that you CAN be successful.

Finalize and review your plans

Continue your research.While you are still drawing a steady paycheck is the time to solidify how and when you want to start your business. Make sure you have all your finances, personnel, infrastructure, etc ready to go for opening day. Now is your chance to be as sure as possible that you are ready to go and that as much as is in your hands, you can succeed.


For the last time in a while you are not the decision maker, you are not the one responsible for the life and death of the company. Enjoy that you have steady hours and can go home and not be on call 24-7, because once you start your company until you are well-established you will be the decision maker, you will be responsible for the life and death of the company and you will be on call 24/7.

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Envision success

What does success mean to you? can you see it? can you write it down? Think and write down now what success will mean to you 3 months into the business, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc. You have to have the vision for where you are going before you can get there. To me this also means the “butterfly effect” by that I am talking about that excited, giddy feeling you get when you think about your business being successful, that feeling you get because you know that now you are doing what you were meant to do, what you LOVE to do. If you don’t have that feeling then start over until you find something that gives you that feeling, that reason to get up in the morning and go to “work” that doesn’t feel like work.

With these successful actions in place you can get ready to really see your neon “open” sign flashing, feel the money running through your fingers, and hear your peers lavish the praise on you that you have earned for your hard work, because you took the time beforehand to grown in your current surroundings, take the opportunities for educating yourself, watched and emulated successful actions of your managers, finalized your plans, relaxed, and envisioned your success. Now, your dream can become your reality.

J. Matthew King – Business Opportunist

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