Key Leaders Reinforce St. Louis Cinema; Top Executives Join HyperFiber

by / ⠀Featured News / March 18, 2024
"St. Louis Cinema"

Emmett Williams and Brett Smith have taken key roles in enhancing film appreciation, education, and community outreach at Cinema St. Louis as director of festival curation and education, and director of theatre programming and operations. With substantial knowledge and passion in cinema, they aim to bolster the growth and development of Cinema St. Louis, making it a nexus for diverse, stimulating content.

The Internet services leader, HyperFiber, has added five new executives to its team, with Dan Kennedy serving as President and CEO, Michael Whitaker as Executive Chairman of the Board, John Jennings as CFO, and Justin Nelson as COO. The identity of the newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer remains undisclosed. These leadership changes will drive the future success of HyperFiber.

WebPT, known for rehab therapy Practice Experience Management, has hired Monsieur Sandler as the new General Manager. Sandler, with his extensive experience as an executive, is tasked with managing the revenue cycle.

In finance, Toberman Wealth has welcomed certified financial planner Michael Becker as a partner. This change has led the firm to rebrand as Toberman Becker Wealth. Becker, who has over a decade of experience managing financial resources, will assist clients in setting up investment portfolios, creating wealth management strategies, and navigating the evolving economic landscapes.

4M Building Solutions has bestowed the responsibility of managing corporate development and M&A operations to Andrew Rust. He will employ his expertise to propel growth and enhance operational performance within the building and maintenance solutions industry.

In the field of education, Carolyn Jason has been recognized as the permanent director for the Head Start/Early Head Start program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville following a successful interim period. This role acknowledges her invaluable efforts and commitment to education.

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Dr. Kirsten F. Dunn, an esteemed internal medicine physician at Mercy Virtual Primary Care, has been announced as the President for 2024 by The St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society. With substantial experience in virtual medical consultations and telemedicine, she will advance the society’s ongoing initiatives, broadening virtual healthcare, closing health disparities, and improving clinical quality standards.

During her tenure at Mercy Virtual Primary Care, Dr. Dunn made a significant impact by introducing innovative virtual medical technologies, improving patient access to quality healthcare, and reducing healthcare costs. As President, she aims to continue influencing the medical community positively, advocating for the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

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