Vaughan Gething Wins Welsh Labour Leadership, Historic First

by / ⠀Featured News / March 18, 2024
"Labour Leadership Victory"

Vaughan Gething, previously serving as Welsh Economy Minister, has been triumphantly declared as the victor in the Welsh Labour Party leadership race. He becomes the first Black leader in Wales and is set to replace the outgoing First Minister Mark Drakeford. The competitive leadership race highlighted Gething’s sturdy political record.

The election was decided by a close 51.7% of the votes, both party loyalists and union entities included, were in favor of Gething, hence, endorsing him as a leading figure within his party. His competitor Jeremy Miles, despite strong support and a forceful campaign, managed to secure only 48.3% of the total vote.

Once approved by the Labour-majority Welsh parliament, the Senedd, Gething will officially inaugurate as the fifth first minister since Wales initiated its legislative body in 1999.

The son of a Zambian mother and Welsh father, Gething’s accession marks a milestone in Welsh political history. He conveyed, “Being elected is not just a personal achievement but a statement about the evolving cultural and racial landscape of our nation”. Stating that his dual heritage equipped him with a unique perspective on socio-economic national issues, he vows to promote greater inclusivity.

Gething’s victory signifies that, three of the U.K’s four governing bodies are led by non-white individuals. This includes U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Indian descent, and the Scottish First Minister of Pakistani heritage, marking an unprecedented moment in U.K. history.

Gething also bears a health minister’s burden during the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of economy minister amid a proposed industrial shutdown. Despite a controversial donation during his campaign, supporters underscore his commitment to improving public health and the economy. Critics, in contrast, view the contribution as potentially damaging to his reputation. Gething refutes this, asserting his main focus has always been for Wales’s betterment.

In his tenure, Gething was commended for his consistent dedication to the retry of the economy, support of Welsh industries, and adherence to environmental protocols, marking him as a complex, multifaceted leader.

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