Laurens County launches grant for small businesses

by / ⠀News / June 21, 2024
"Grant Launch"

The Laurens County Chamber of Commerce and Laurens County Council have launched a grant program to bolster small local businesses financially. This program targets companies that are less than a year old, employ fewer than 10 people, and are located in Laurens County. Eligible businesses must demonstrate a need for financial assistance and provide a comprehensive business plan.

The program aims to aid these start-ups and contribute to the county’s economic stability. The funds granted can be used for various operational costs. Applications for the grant are now open.

Local restaurants such as Sanitary Market and Great Crepes and More have been chosen to receive this financial support. Each has received $5,000 to boost their operations and promote growth. Business owners expressed their gratitude for this aid, intending to use it to enhance their services and customer experience.

Great Crepes and More will use the grant funds to buy new equipment and expand its menu. Co-owner Jimmy Neely anticipates a surge in customer inflow due to the improvements.

Launching grant aid for Laurens County’s startups

The grant has also assisted the restaurant in acquiring a liquor license to serve mimosas at special events.

Sanitary Market will invest its grant in upgraded equipment, specifically, an advanced refrigeration system. Co-owner Ryland Culbertson emphasized how crucial a top-quality refrigeration system is for their operations. They also plan to add a new bread slicer to improve efficiency and diversify their product range.

Both establishments acknowledged the support these grants provide. They view it as a financial cushion and a way to facilitate their operations and future growth. The Culbertsons believe these improvements will secure their position as a leading local business.

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The grant program seeks to foster entrepreneurship, create jobs, and stimulate innovation within Laurens County’s small business scene. Through financial support, the program aims to alleviate the start-up and operational costs, allowing businesses to focus on development and expansion. The program also aims to provide mentorship and training, equipping entrepreneurs for success. Through this approach, Laurens County envisions a vibrant hub for innovation, job creation, and long-term prosperity.

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