Learning to Bend With the Wind While Starting a Business

by / ⠀Startup Advice / September 2, 2010

wind turbineOne thing that I have learned over the past few years is that when you build your business you may have to adapt and reshape your idea. So many businesses have experienced this when starting out their business in the first stages and many of them don’t change a thing that is actually hurting them in the long run.  Things change all the time and when you may have this great idea, over time you will learn that you have to bend with the wind and if you don’t you will break.

When starting your business or running with your idea you always need to get feedback.  Everyone has an opinion these days so see what others think and take it all in.  Some may not understand your concept or what it is that you do and you need to figure out how to better explain it to those who may not get it.  You will have those that say “why would I need or want to use your product or service?” Some of these things you work out in the beginning yes but you have to learn to adjust as time goes on. You also may even have to change who your target audience is as well.  We all think we know who the target audience is but truthfully you may be targeting the wrong crowd and you didn’t even know it.  So don’t just focus on one audience when you could be missing out on a huge opportunity with others.  This is a great time to turn to your entrepreneur friends or community and ask them their thoughts.  There is nothing better than to ask those that have been there or know exactly what you’re going through will trying to work out the kinks in your business.

With their being so many opinions out there of course there will be people who don’t like your business or may even think you’re too young to be doing what you do.  Whatever the comments or feedback is make sure and listen to it all whether it’s good or bad.  Some of it may even spark a great idea to add to your business you never thought of before.

Even big brands over the course of time have changed in some ways with their product, service or even how they market it.  It’s learning to adapt and to continue making your business strong where someone says “I can’t live without this business.”  So many things will change over time while you run your business and that’s okay just don’t change too much where others are confused about your brand and who you are.  Stay true to your original idea but always learn from mistakes, listen to others input, never give up, focus and make it the best it can be.

If you are passionate enough about your idea or business then you will have no problem learning to bend with the wind.

Ahsley Bodi is the founder of BusinessBeware.biz where they expose bad customers and are your accounts receivable hero.

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