Three Ways to Give Everyone a Break, While Maintaining Good Results

by / ⠀Startup Advice / June 30, 2022
maintaining good results

Sometimes working in an office can be a bit mundane. With office cubicles, it can feel as though you and your co-workers are packed in. Along with the white fluorescent lights and water cooler, thoughts come of white-sand beaches and relaxation. Chances are, you need a vacation. Or, at the very least, a break. We are all human after all, so it is okay to relax for a couple of days. Or if you’re at the office, you can relax and have a bit more fun on certain days while maintaining good results.

Now, if you are the boss, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are doing their best and that the business’ results remain the same or better. You hired these people because you think they are the best. They should be able to do their job without distractions and still earn a well-deserved break.

But what kind of breaks work to maintain good results? Well, that question has a complicated answer. That is because no one can truly know what will work as everyone is different, as is every business. But, you can experiment and figure out what kind of breaks maintain good results for the company.

Below are three examples of making your employees’ lives a little bit better.

Office Space into a Fun Space

Offices can be a really boring place to work. So, try to liven up the workplace. Employees should be able to enjoy themselves a little bit at work, or at the very least, they want to come to work. Luckily, there are many ways to solve this issue.

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For one, as a boss, you should recognize your team and their success. So when a team project is completed or an employee makes a big sale, congratulate them, give them raises, or throw a little pizza party for lunch. These are great ways for the team to bond and for the boss to mingle with his employees. Plus, who doesn’t love a pizza party?

And it doesn’t have to stop there. Throw birthdays for workers! Institute Causal Fridays so people leave the ties and uncomfortable work pants at home. Or have special days like bringing children or pets to work. To add even more excitement to the workplace, consider planning a company holiday party where employees can come together, celebrate, and enjoy the festive spirit. It’s an excellent opportunity to foster team dynamics and create lasting memories outside the usual work routine.

Keep Up-To-Date with Employees

A great way to ensure success in the workplace is to have one-on-one conversations with them. Now, this doesn’t sound like a typical response for “breaks.” Instead, think of it as a more “mental break.”¬†Employees may be working hard to ensure that the boss is pleased and that everything is working without a hitch. Letting these kinds of hard-working employees know that they are doing a good job, may relieve some of their stress.

In fact, if they are doing such a great job, offer them a three-day weekend, or a pay raise. Know your employees and how they are doing. Some may be struggling over personal situations. Give them a break as well as they may need time to process certain information, grieve, etc. This shows that you care for your employees. It also helps with maintaining loyalty and retaining employees to your company.

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Take a Break for Yourself

As the boss, you have to make sure that everything runs smoothly. However, over time, you may find yourself a little too preoccupied with your work and not everything around you.

Here’s the thing. You can take a break while at the same time maintaining good results. Whether it’s a ten-minute break in the break room or a ten-day vacation in the Bahamas, the boss also needs a break. A lot of employees will look to the boss for guidance in the company. So, it doesn’t do anyone any good if you are stressed and overworking yourself. Allow yourself to relax. You can recharge and get back into work with a new perspective.

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