4 Simple Ways to Make More Time for You as an Entrepreneur

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As an entrepreneur, your time is your most important resource, so learn not to waste any of it! The following tips will save time and money.

As an entrepreneur, your time is your most important resource, so learn to not waste any of it! The following four tips will save time and money.

Time is money for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. Running your own business can be very demanding. You may feel like you are being pulled in many directions at once.

It’s clear that you need to make some changes, especially if you feel like you are constantly working overtime. It can be enough to give you a quick case of burnout.

It’s also a sign that you’re not using your time efficiently. You can get more done by learning a few time management tricks.

1. You can improve your focus by blocking off your time.

Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of multitasking, which often backfires. Multitasking can cause you to lose your focus and make it difficult to concentrate on each task.

You are more likely to make costly errors if you split your attention. It will take you longer and likely cost you more to complete your tasks.

Because time is your most important resource, blocking your time is a great way to avoid this trap. Give each task on your list laser focus for a certain amount of time. You can set aside 25-30 minutes to focus solely on one task, such as writing a proposal or finishing a project. Don’t check your email, social networks, or any other communication during this time.

After the “block” has been completed, grab a break and start a new one. This will allow you to make the most out of every hour of your day.

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2. Use technology more effectively.

You are likely to already be an entrepreneur and use technology quite a bit. However, just because technology is being used does not mean that it’s saving you  time. Instead of using technology to distract, a growing number of tools make it possible for you to automate more of your work.

There are many digital tools and apps that can automate everything. From invoicing and bill payment to scheduling social media posts, managing appointments, and streamlining communication.

Choosing the right automation tools can help you save time and streamline routine tasks.

3. Learn to love delegation and outsourcing.

What about tasks that require more than just putting numbers in? This is where outsourcing and delegation come in handy.

In a recent interview with Daniel Mitchell, founder and CEO of Alt Tech, he said, “There are some areas, such as managing IT systems, that the average entrepreneur doesn’t know how to manage.” This is not only stressful, but it can also put your business at risk. This and other tasks can be outsourced to professionals who are experts in these areas so that entrepreneurs can concentrate on their expertise.

Outsourcing and delegation can help you accomplish your tasks quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking to hire freelancers to help with projects or work with another company for back-office tasks. You can be confident that the job will be done correctly the first time.

4. Set limits for ‘Time Thieves’ that kill productivity.

Instagram and Facebook can eat up a lot of an entrepreneur’s time. They can be compared to the unplanned business activities that waste your time. Figure out what’s wasting your time and get rid of it.

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If you don’t take control of your time, time will take control of you.

Make a plan to avoid interruptions. If you are unable to concentrate on a task, it might be a good idea to turn off your phone completely and to set your other communication apps to “do not disturb.”

To limit the impact of time thieves on your day, set ground rules. It will be easier to stick to your schedule if you limit the number of calls you make and allow for only one meeting per day.  Set clear boundaries and remind yourself to say “no” when necessary.

Master Your Time, Master Your Career

Although you cannot control the way your day will go, smart planning and making use of all available resources can ensure that you have enough time to complete everything you need to do.

The tips listed above will help you to have more time for yourself.

Time management is really what is meant by the phrase “work smarter.” A smart worker, meaning you, the entrepreneur, leave distractions outside the office door. He or she knows the value of their time and creates specific strategies to foil the wasteful disruption of their schedules. This includes those tantalizing videos you want to share with your friends and family. Do that at home, not at work. Treat Facebook and other social media as black holes. They will suck away all your premium time if you let them.

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