Matthew Corrin Founder of Freshii Has Over 400 Stores On the Way

by / ⠀Entrepreneur Interviews / October 25, 2010

Freshii was founded by 29 year old Matthew Corrin back in 2005 in Toronto. Today, the healthy and casual restaurant chain has grown to over 60 stores with 400 more in development.  Matt started out in the PR business but saw an opportunity in the restaurant industry, an industry he had no experience in. We had the chance to catch up with Matt at the New York City store opening to learn about how he got started and his advice for young entrepreneurs…

Questions in the interview:

  • How did Freshii get started?
  • How old were you when you started and how many stores do you have today?
  • How did you go from the PR business to the restaurant business?
  • What were some of your keys to success and the fast growth of Freshii?
  • You have over 400 stores in development, a wife, 2 kids…What is your average day like?
  • Any time management tips?
  • If you had 1 piece of advice for young entrepreneurs today what would it be?
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