Meet Roman Taranov – 28 Yr Old Founder of Wellness Platform Able

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roman tarnov

Roman Taranov is a 28 year old founder of wellness platform Able – known as ‘the Uber of the wellness world’ – helping connect people with health coaches to reach their health and wellness goals.

From Humble Beginnings to CEO

Roman was raised in Ukraine, in a household with limited resources. He founded his first company at age 20, managing 200 remote employees worldwide. For Roman this was a steep learning curve and certainly led to what he refers to as his ‘MBA’ education.

In 2018 Roman founded Able, with a mission to make health and wellness more accessible for all. Now, he manages a 100% remote team made up of global experts and also supports a flexible working culture.

80% of American Diets Unsuccessful Long-Term

As many as 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, spending $33 billion annually on weight-loss products. Yet, also around 80% aren’t successful at keeping their weight off over the long term.

So, Roman came up with a solution to match people with a health coach and founded Able, which creates a personalized picture of health that looks at sleep, stress, and food, to help people lose weight holistically.

Personal Weight Cheerleader in Your Pocket

Able users get a personalized plan to lose weight sustainably, become healthier and live longer. Since its launch, Able has amassed over 140k downloads and already helped 21,433 women in their 30s successfully lose weight by changing their habits and behaviors – not through restrictive dieting.

Roman Taranov says “Every 2nd person in the US was interested in losing weight in 2021 but regular dieting and strategies like calorie restrictions create the yo-yo effect and don’t solve the problem as most people will regain weight after a few months of restrictive dieting – so our vision was to hyper-personalize our offering and bring real human to human contact back to the table.

“By offering a hyper-personalized human coach as part of the unlimited features of Able, this will support our users 100%. A chatbot can’t encourage someone to get off the couch and into a workout. Or it can’t encourage them to put the donut down and stick to their healthy and nutritional eating plan. But, a human coach can and that’s what sets Able apart. Plus, it is already helping thousands of people toward their long-term goals. This is the future of the digi-wellness sphere.”

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