Morning Routine Ideas to Help Boost Your Productivity

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morning routine ideas

Not everyone is a morning person. That can unfortunately get in the way of having a productive day. Having a good start to your morning and having some morning routine ideas is a sure way to make yourself more productive. Having more productivity means having a better time overall, and hopefully, your job.

Luckily, there are multiple morning routine ideas that can help you boost your productivity. This article will give you the best tips to turn you from a night owl to a morning person!

A Good Night’s Rest

Did you know that around 35% of American adults do not get the recommended amount of sleep? We all need a good night’s rest of at least seven hours.

But, how do you go to bed early? There are many things one can do to make themselves fall asleep faster. For instance, one can start having a schedule of waking up and going to bed. Or, you could dim the lights and stop staring at your phone. You can also take a nice warm bath before bed.

The Snooze Button

As much as we want to, we shouldn’t hit the alarm for another five minutes because that can cause you to fall back asleep for a much longer amount of time. Then, you’d be late for work. To avoid this, a good rule to have is when setting the alarm, have two alarms between three minutes.

This is called the two-by-three rule. It helps you get up at a specific time so that you can be ready for the day!

A Drink in the Morning

Many people for their morning routine is coffee or tea. While they are good to have because it is something warm to wake you up with, there is actually another drink you should have first.

Water. Why? Because a glass of water in the morning helps stave off dehydration, allows better cognitive performance, and a better start to your productive day!

Make a To-Do List

Another morning routine idea to have is to make a to-do list. Not everyone wants to begin with work in the morning. Instead, go over what your plans are for the day.

Understanding what tasks you have for the day’s agenda is a sure way to make yourself organized. Luckily there are many ways you make the list. It can be on paper, on your phone, even on your computer. Regardless, having your thoughts and plans laid out can and will make you more aware of your daily goals.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

You know the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” That is still true even after all of these years. Your body needs the food to break down and turn it into brainpower.

While there are all sorts of yummy and sugary breakfast foods out there, it is best to have a healthy breakfast. Vitamins and other healthy bits of food are important for a good day’s work.

For breakfast, consider meals like oatmeal or fresh fruit.

Get Active

When you wake up, get active! There are several ways you can go about this. For example, you can get up and do some stretches. That’s a great way to loosen up your limbs and not feel stiff and tired.

You can also consider workout to do at home. There are loads of online resources that can help you with that sort of thing. Even then, you could have a morning jog or go to the gym. But remember, gyms usually cost to go there, so be sure that you are putting your money to good use.

Take Deep Breaths

While the other morning routine ideas sound quite straightforward, this is one not many consider. When you wake up, take some deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and exhale out the mouth.

Do this for about five minutes, and you will feel a huge change in your being. You can also do it anywhere. Many people take deep breaths before doing something nerve-wracking. Taking a deep breath can help you get started with the day!


There are so many different morning routine ideas that can be done to increase productivity. What should be known is that there are many different routines for everyone. It may take some time and a little practice and patience. But, if you stick with it, then you will find that you are more productive in the mornings.

Keeping up with that behavior is a sure way to develop the habit. Then, you can use the knowledge that you gained to help others. For instance, by having a good morning routine, you can help co-workers who are not morning people to even your own children as you teach them valuable lessons.

Mornings don’t have to be fun or exciting to get through, you just need to find a way to have a good start.

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