MosaicML CEO Naveen Rao on What Made Him Sell to Databricks

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MosaicML CEO Naveen Rao on What Made Him Sell to Databricks

Companies are seeking ways to leverage generative AI and large language model (LLMs) technologies to unlock the potential of their data and drive value. However, concerns about data control, cost, and reliance on third-party models have presented challenges for enterprises. In this article, we will explore how MosaicML, a leading generative AI platform, is addressing these challenges and revolutionizing the field of AI. We will delve into the company’s state-of-the-art MPT LLMs, its open-source approach, and its recent acquisition by Databricks. Join us as we uncover the insights and best practices shared by Naveen Rao, the co-founder and CEO of MosaicML, at the VB Transform event in San Francisco.MosaicML: Empowering Enterprises with Generative AI – MosaicML has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of generative AI, offering enterprises the tools and capabilities to build, own, and secure best-in-class generative AI models using their own data. The company’s MPT LLMs have gained significant attention, with millions of downloads and widespread adoption in various industries.

The Power of MPT LLMs – MosaicML’s MPT LLMs are both open-source and commercially licensed, providing organizations with the flexibility to leverage these models according to their specific needs. The MPT-7B model has already garnered over 3.3 million downloads, demonstrating its popularity and effectiveness. Additionally, MosaicML recently released the MPT-30B model, further expanding its offerings and capabilities.
Driving Innovation through Open Source – One of the key factors that sets MosaicML apart is its commitment to open-source development. By providing open-source models, MosaicML empowers organizations to build and train their own state-of-the-art models using their proprietary data. This approach not only enhances data control but also facilitates cost-effective solutions for enterprises of all sizes.
Success Stories: Leveraging MosaicML for Generative AI – Numerous organizations have already embraced MosaicML’s technology and achieved remarkable results. Let’s explore some of the success stories that highlight the versatility and potential of generative AI powered by MosaicML:
  1. AI2 (Allen Institute for AI): AI2 has leveraged MosaicML to enhance its research capabilities and accelerate breakthroughs in the field of AI. By utilizing MosaicML’s MPT LLMs, AI2 has been able to generate high-quality language models that have contributed to significant advancements in natural language processing.
  2. Generally Intelligent: MosaicML has enabled Generally Intelligent to develop cutting-edge applications in the healthcare industry. By training their own generative AI models using MosaicML’s technology, Generally Intelligent has revolutionized medical data analysis, leading to improved patient outcomes and personalized healthcare solutions.
  3. Hippocratic AI: MosaicML has played a vital role in empowering Hippocratic AI to address critical challenges in the healthcare sector. With the help of MosaicML’s MPT LLMs, Hippocratic AI has been able to create powerful language models that facilitate accurate medical coding, streamline documentation processes, and enhance the overall efficiency of healthcare providers.
  4. Replit: MosaicML has been instrumental in Replit’s mission to enable developers worldwide to collaborate and build innovative applications. Through the integration of MosaicML’s generative AI technology, Replit has empowered its users to access intelligent code completions, enabling faster and more efficient coding experiences.
  5. Scatter Labs: Scatter Labs has harnessed the power of MosaicML to enhance its data analytics capabilities. By leveraging MosaicML’s generative AI models, Scatter Labs has been able to generate insightful and predictive analytics, assisting businesses in making data-driven decisions and driving growth.
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The Databricks Acquisition: Expanding the Reach of MosaicML – In June 2023, MosaicML made headlines when it was acquired by Databricks, a prominent data and AI analytics provider, for a staggering $1.3 billion. This strategic move has significant implications for the future of generative AI and MosaicML’s mission to democratize the field.

Accelerating the Democratization of Generative AI – Naveen Rao, the CEO of MosaicML, stated that the acquisition was a strategic decision aimed at accelerating the company’s mission of democratizing generative AI. By joining forces with Databricks, MosaicML can leverage Databricks’ extensive resources and expertise to further enhance its offerings and make generative AI accessible to a broader audience.

Building the Best Place for Generative AI and LLMs – Databricks refers to its data offering as the “lakehouse,” a comprehensive platform for data and AI analytics. Rao envisions the lakehouse as the ultimate destination for building generative AI models and LLMs. With the combined capabilities of MosaicML and Databricks, the lakehouse is poised to become the go-to platform for enterprises looking to harness the power of generative AI.

Naveen Rao’s Insights: Fine Tuning, Training from Scratch, and the Future of Open Source – In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Naveen Rao shared his insights on various aspects of generative AI and its future. Let’s delve into some of his key observations:

The Limitations of Fine Tuning – Rao expressed his skepticism about fine tuning as a means to customize LLMs. According to him, fine tuning can condition a model to behave in certain ways but falls short of creating truly domain-specific solutions. Instead, he advocates for training models from scratch, enabling organizations to develop models tailored to their unique requirements.

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The Importance of the Right Data Mix – Rao emphasized the significance of utilizing the right data mix when training generative AI models. While some cases may benefit from using a vector DB or a prompt, others require a more comprehensive approach. He stressed the importance of using the minimum effort necessary to solve a specific problem, leveraging privacy-conscious methods and techniques to modify the behavior of LLMs effectively.

The Rise of Open Source Models – Looking ahead, Rao predicted that open source models would eventually surpass closed models, drawing a parallel with the success of Linux over Solaris. He believes that open source is still in its early stages and anticipates significant growth and adoption in the coming years. This shift towards open-source models holds immense potential for democratizing generative AI and fostering innovation across industries.

Conclusion – The emergence of MosaicML and its state-of-the-art generative AI technologies has revolutionized the way businesses leverage data and drive value. With its open-source approach, MosaicML empowers enterprises to build and train their own generative AI models, ensuring data control and cost-effectiveness. The recent acquisition by Databricks further strengthens MosaicML’s mission to democratize generative AI and establish the lakehouse as the premier platform for building LLMs. As the world of AI continues to evolve, the insights shared by Naveen Rao shed light on the future of fine-tuning, training from scratch, and the rise of open-source models. Join the generative AI revolution and unlock the potential of your business with MosaicML.

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