Netflix Discontinues In-App Payments via Apple Store

by / ⠀News / February 28, 2024
"Netflix Discontinuation"

Netflix is set to discontinue in-app payments via Apple’s App Store for existing subscribers still paying their monthly dues this way. This move affects users who have been using this method for their subscriptions, prompting them to look for an alternative payment option to continue enjoying Netflix’s services. No details about these new payment methods or processes have been revealed yet.

The discontinuation of in-app purchases comes as a further tightening of Netflix’s recent policy changes and updates, which aimed to clarify the payment process for both existing and new users. In-app payments have been axed, indicating a significant policy shift in Netflix’s financial structure regarding its payment mechanism. Users need to stay informed about these policy changes to avoid any difficulties when trying to make in-app purchases in the future.

Netflix plans to stop giving 15% of the subscription fees to Apple, underlining Netflix’s increasing dissatisfaction with losing a slice of their subscription revenue to the tech giant. While it remains uncertain exactly which regions will be affected by the new policy, it’s speculated that US-based users could be most impacted.

Apple users have been expected to subscribe to Netflix through its official website since 2018, bypassing Apple’s subscription platform, as a reaction against Apple’s commission fee on subscriptions made through their system. Despite forcing potential subscribers to take an additional step, it was taken to provide a smoother subscription process and maintain a more direct relationship with Netflix consumers.

Opinions on Netflix’s change in strategy are divided, with critics arguing that the move may not be just. In response, some point out that Netflix, like any company, is entitled to a larger proportion of its subscription income.

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