YouTube Merges Kids Service into Main TV App

by / ⠀News / February 28, 2024
"Kids Service Merge"

Google recently announced a decision to merge YouTube Kids with the standard YouTube app for smart TVs, scheduled to take place in July. The goal is to simplify access to content for children and their parents by consolidating all child-friendly content in a solitary location.

This development signifies a step towards enhancing user experience and promoting child-focused programming on the platform. Google reassures parents of the seamless transition, with minimal disruptions, and has reiterated its commitment to maintaining the safety measures of the YouTube Kids service.

The standalone YouTube Kids app will continue to be available on Android and iOS devices despite the merging on smart TVs. The app had previously expanded to gaming consoles and Roku, providing a widespread child-friendly interface and removing the need for a separate app.

Users must select a YouTube Kids profile from the “Who’s watching” page to access YouTube Kids within the YouTube app. Features of the service include kid-friendly videos selected by YouTube’s algorithm, automatic filtering of age-restricted content, and several parental controls.

Despite the changes, Google promises that the YouTube kid’s content, settings, and parental controls will remain unchanged. The decision to consolidate the YouTube Kids’ TV app into the main app aims to reduce the need for separate app development, streamline user experience, and centralize all content in a single application.

This change is expected to benefit parents, as they can now supervise their children’s YouTube activity more effectively. It also signifies Google’s dedication to enhancing user convenience and improving platform usability for user segmentation.

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