NewsBreak’s user surge stirs misinformation concerns

by / ⠀News / June 13, 2024
"User Surge"

The NewsBreak app, predominantly focused on U.S news, is witnessing a remarkable upswing in its user base, reporting over 50 million downloads monthly. Yet, this growth has given rise to anxieties regarding the potential distribution of false news and misinformation, possibly exacerbated by AI technologies.

The app algorithm that designs customized news feeds for users might accidentally promote unverified information or unreliable sources, intensifying the already existing ‘fake news’ issue. As a consequence, it’s essential to improve this system’s ability to separate credible news from misleading content to counteract this problem.

A study by Reuters has confirmed these concerns, highlighting that NewsBreak has been propagating inaccuracies and spreading misinformation. These findings have caused alarm among media professionals and the general public, as the correctness of information dissemination stands paramount.

NewsBreak has alleged ties to China, with connections to a Beijing-based technology management firm and funding from an organization purportedly linked to the military. It has been accused of disinformation, including spreading a made-up report about a non-existent shooting incident. This association and its implications precipitate an increase in scrutiny on the platform’s role in news distribution.

NewsBreak sources its materials from reputable news organizations and online data, with a significant number of articles created using reworded press releases.

NewsBreak user growth fuels misinformation fears

This could potentially result in plagiarism and the spreading of fabricated articles. Therefore, a stringent standard for content authenticity must be maintained, including urging readers to corroborate information across multiple sources, to ensure news accuracy.

This year, A.I.-created false reports on NewsBreak adversely affected two community initiatives, including a Colorado food bank. The erroneous reporting of distribution times led to significant miscommunication, thereby causing a strain on those who heavily rely on these resources. Such disinformation incites unnecessary conflict and hinders beneficial community initiatives progress, underscoring the necessity to tackle A.I.-fabricated news.

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NewsBreak, launched in 2015 by Yidian creator Jeff Zheng and funded by Beijing-based IDG Capital, has always insisted on delivering unbiased, trustworthy news to its users. Despite skepticism due to its Chinese origins, there is no conclusive evidence of NewsBreak curating biased news or suppressing information. While concerns of influence and data privacy persist, investigative teams continue probing into NewsBreak’s operations to ensure the adherence of neutral journalistic principles.

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