North Phoenix community concerns over home firearm business

by / ⠀News / June 14, 2024
Phoenix Firearm

A North Phoenix resident’s plan to launch a home firearm business around 56th Street and Bell Road has sparked concerns among community members. The potential security risks and disturbance of peace due to this endeavor have raised eyebrows among the neighboring residents.

The owner of the proposed business asserts that the operation would be legal and promises to strictly abide by federal laws, regulations, and safety protocols. As tension increases in the neighborhood, local authorities are called to intervene and ensure any resolutions meet city regulations and residents’ safety.

Members of this community are not necessarily against guns. Their apprehension aligns more with public safety and a fear of volatility due to potential risks associated with such a business. The community expects preventive measures such as robust licensing processes, gun safety courses, and community forums to tackle possible complications.

There is uncertainty about the homeowner’s compliance with Phoenix City’s business regulations. Doubts about the merchant’s credibility persist compeled, thereby emphasizing the need to address these critical issues for public safety and adherence to city regulations.

The owner plans to apply for two city permits: one for converting his home into a business and another for managing the expected traffic increase.

Community apprehension over Phoenix firearm business

He also needs approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). After approvals, he plans to remodel his garage into a private microbrewery and tasting room, which would also need local health department registration and sanitation certification.

A petition to halt this venture gathered over 75 signatures, projecting the residents’ fear of decreasing property values, increasing congestion, and a potential disturbance in peace. The majority believe these possible adverse effects outbalance the suggested advantages of the project. They plan to submit this petition to the city council at the next meeting and initiate a wider awareness campaign.

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Attempts to engage with the homeowner thus far have been unsuccessful. The community hopes their concerns will be considered during a future public zoning adjustment hearing.

Previously, a similar application made by another North Phoenix homeowner was permitted by the city. However, the request for managing expected traffic flow was declined after a thorough review.

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