Oklahoma law eases ID checks for alcohol sales

by / ⠀News / May 15, 2024
"Oklahoma Alcohol Sales"

Oklahoma launched a law removing the compulsion of businesses to verify IDs during alcohol sales. Although it gives business owners freedom to operate their businesses, critics fear a rise in underage drinking and alcohol-related incidents. The Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission has assured the adaptation of enforcement measures to maintain public safety.

Despite this law, businesses found serving alcohol to minors will face legal penalties, ranging from fines to license revocation. The ABLE Commission has maintained the importance of age verification before serving alcohol. This law, effective since November 1st, leaves it at a business’s discretion to perform ID checks while ensuring they do not serve alcohol to anyone under 21.

If a business is caught selling alcohol to a minor, it could face severe penalties, including losing its liquor license. Therefore, businesses are strongly advised to maintain rigorous age verification processes, balancing the new law’s flexibility with increased risk and responsibility.

Lori Carter, an ABLE Commission official, has stated that they support this law and the shift of verification duty to business owners.

Oklahoma eases ID verification for alcohol sales.

Carter emphasized that the law is not intended to put extra burdens on businesses but to enhance public safety and prevent illegal transactions. The ABLE Commission’s support of the law demonstrates its commitment to fostering responsible business practices and upholding public safety standards.

Carter expressed confidence in business owners’ ability to ensure public safety despite their liabilities. She remarked on the strategies being implemented to mitigate risks, highlighting the importance of proactive management of liabilities.

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Regardless of the legal changes, the ABLE Commission advocates for ID checks and intends to carry out undercover inspections across the state. Their goal is to emphasize the importance of ID checks in preventing underage alcohol consumption and prioritizing public safety. As reminders of their shared responsibility in maintaining these rules, both businesses and clients are encouraged to remain diligent.

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