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When a student enters college, he/she is getting ready to do everything possible to succeed and graduate with enough skills that they can use in their adult life. Academic life sometimes takes too much effort, and college learners lose interest in studying.

When you, as a college student, start your academic journey, you do not want to pay attention to questions such as “Does word count matter for college essays?” “How to cite sources correctly?” or “How many pages a 500-word essay will take?” These issues are not interesting to college students; they want to learn something really important that will help them earn good grades and money in the future.

In this article, we will examine some of the sources that could help students delineate their duties and responsibilities so that they can concentrate on more important matters. 

Sources to Boost Academic Success

As we have already mentioned, today’s college students have to pay attention to things that, in most cases, will not help them in their adult lives and careers. Thus, many tools exist to ease students’ lives and give them enough time to rise as professionals, not full-time learners.

Research and Writing Tools

As a college student, you must handle hundreds of writing assignments and meet dozens of academic writing requirements. Of course, it is very difficult to bear everything in your head, and these research and writing tools will definitely come in handy. 

Let’s take a look at some free tools you, as a student, should have at your disposal during the college years. 

  • Google Scholar. This is the place where you can find relevant sources for your academic writing papers. 
  • Grammarly. This tool can help you proofread your writing and show you the weak places in your paper. The free version offers access to a limited number of functions, but if you need just to help you check your writing for errors, this will be enough.
  • Free writing tools. Many tools can help you cite sources properly, provide ideas for your essay, create a strong thesis statement, etc. These tools can ease your academic life a lot. 
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Helping Tools

Being a college student often means being in a hurry. Trying to meet academic writing deadlines, studying important materials, and living a personal life are just some of the issues almost every student faces daily. Thus, some helping tools can come in handy to manage your time, effort, and abilities. 

  • Evernote (or something similar) is a note-taking tool that helps you remember the essentials
  • Planners. You can use electronic or paper planners to organize and meet your tasks on time. Such a tool will help you manage your time wisely and omit burnout.

Learning Platforms

Suppose you feel uncomfortable with academic writing assignments. In that case, if you are a foreign student who does not know the language perfectly or if you simply need help to comprehend better an issue discussed in a class, these platforms can help you. Here are some free tools that we recommend considering. 

  • Writing blogs. There are a lot of writing blogs available online where you can get assistance with your writing issues. If you have no idea what to dedicate your writing assignment to, how to write a particular type of essay, how to cite sources, etc., these blogs will show you. Of course, it is very important to seek professional blogs you can rely on. Many writing services lead such blogs to help college learners who can’t afford their paid services. 
  • Language apps. Such applications can help you learn the language if you are a foreign student. These are usually targeted at different levels and provide various exercises to help non-native speakers learn and use the language in their lives.
  • Professional writing services. Many students turn to these companies when they need professional assistance with their writing. At such companies, professional writers offer their services to students and complete customized writing assignments.
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Sources to Boost Professional Success

Unsurprisingly, when a person enters a college or university, he/she wants to do his/her best to get all the important information and knowledge that will help him/her in his/her professional life. At the same time, most students do not understand why they must attend classes that do not refer to their main professional sphere. For example, when a Mechanical engineering student has to attend History classes, this can cause a lot of irritation and misunderstanding because they do not think this is just what they have to pay attention to. Such classes are usually considered as odd ones.

Thus, most students decide to delineate irrelevant academic duties and pay closer attention to what could help them in their professional careers. Here are some examples of how you can boost your professional success and get quality skills that will help you as a professional.

Online Academies

Many free online courses are available today, so college learners can afford them. Of course, some of them offer free access to a limited number of courses, but still, the number of free options is really impressive. Here are some top free options you can consider.

  • Coursera. The service offers high-quality courses in various fields, from data science and business to arts and humanities. Here, you can access a limited number of free courses as well as pay for a subscription. 
  • Khan Academy is a free source that offers tools for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Codecademy. This is a platform that teaches coding and programming skills in various languages (Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc.)
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Managing Tools

These tools include Trello, Slack, Asana, etc., which can help you plan your tasks and professional experiences. Most companies use these managing tools in order to organize the company’s work. Moreover, these tools support collaboration and information sharing.

Hope this article was helpful and you have found something interesting to you. Enjoy!

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