Passion Pays Off: How Friends Turned Sneakers into a Booming Business

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Whop - Passion Pays Off How Friends Turned Sneakers into a Booming Business

It is plain to see that the founders of Whop, Steven Schwartz, Cameron Zoub, and Jack Sharkey, defied the odds and turned their passion for sneakers into a thriving business venture. What started as a desire for rare Nike Kobe 7 Easter shoes has now evolved into a tech marketplace known as “Etsy for software products.”

With their innovative platform, Whop has become a major player in the software sales industry, facilitating millions of dollars in transactions each month. In this article, we will dive into the inspiring journey of the Whop founders and explore how they transformed their entrepreneurial vision into a reality.

The Birth of a Partnership

Steven Schwartz, then just 13 years old, was determined to acquire the coveted Nike Kobe 7 Easter shoes. However, his parents were not willing to foot the bill.

Faced with this challenge, Schwartz took matters into his own hands and discovered the world of sneaker bots. These software programs allowed him to purchase limited-edition shoes faster than any human could.

In his quest for knowledge, Schwartz stumbled upon Cameron Zoub, a like-minded individual and fellow middle schooler from Chicago. The two quickly formed a bond and joined forces, selling their sneaker bots under the name Sole Sniper.

From Sneaker Bots to Whop

The partnership between Schwartz and Zoub continued to flourish as they grew older. Recognizing the potential in their entrepreneurial endeavors, they decided to expand beyond the sneaker industry.

This led them to create Whop, a revolutionary tech marketplace connecting software product buyers and sellers. While Whop is not the first platform of its kind, it has quickly become one of the most successful.

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Since its launch in March 2021, Whop has facilitated up to $11.8 million per month in software sales, solidifying its position as a major player in the market.

Empowering Software Creators

Whop’s mission goes beyond simply facilitating transactions; it aims to empower software creators and provide them with a platform to showcase their products. The founders understand the challenges faced by aspiring developers and entrepreneurs, as they themselves experienced these obstacles firsthand.

By creating a space for software creators to monetize their creations, Whop is leveling the playing field and allowing talented individuals to thrive.

The Financial Success of Whop

The success of Whop is not only evident in its impact on software creators but also in its financial achievements. According to documents reviewed by CNBC Make It, the company has generated monthly revenues of at least $354,000, with an annual estimate of over $4.25 million. These impressive figures highlight Whop’s business model’s effectiveness and ability to attract a large customer base.

A Boost from Investors

Whop’s potential did not go unnoticed by investors. In a recent announcement, the company revealed a successful $17 million Series A funding round.

The round included prominent names such as hedge fund titan Peter Thiel and athletes and musicians like James Harden and The Chainsmokers. This significant investment further validates Whop’s position as an industry leader and sets the stage for future growth and expansion.

Building a Platform for the Future

The Whop founders’ journey is about more than just financial success. They aim to build a platform that reflects the aspirations and ambitions they had as 15-year-old entrepreneurs. Whop is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and turning it into a thriving business venture.

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Through their platform, they support the next generation of software creators and provide them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.


1. What is Whop?

Whop is a tech marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of software products. It provides a platform for software creators to monetize their creations and empowers aspiring developers and entrepreneurs.

2. How much revenue does the company generate?

Whop has facilitated up to $11.8 million per month in software sales, resulting in an estimated annual revenue of over $4.25 million.

3. Who are some of Whop’s investors?

Whop’s investors include hedge fund titan Peter Thiel, athletes like James Harden, and musicians such as The Chainsmokers.

4. What is the vision of the founders?

The Whop founders aim to build a platform that reflects their entrepreneurial aspirations and provides opportunities for the next generation of software creators.

5. How does Whop differentiate itself from other platforms?

Whop stands out by focusing on empowering software creators and providing them with a space to showcase and monetize their products. Its success is a testament to its effective business model and the value it brings to both buyers and sellers.


First reported on CNBC
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