Not a People Person? Career Options for the Talented Introverts

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Are you one of those people who really enjoy their “me time?” Does the thought of having to be around a lot of people and socialize completely stress you out? Does it worry you that once you get a job you will constantly have to be interacting with people? Well, it is time for you to stop worrying. There are plenty of career options for introverts, where interaction with people is very little or none. Here are a few:


The very job of a writer requires immense concentration and peace of mind which is impossible to get if you are constantly being distracted by people. It is possibly the most solitary of all jobs. So, if you are in introvert, you would absolutely love it!

Apart from the occasional book signings (and that too, only if you get super famous), writers have no one to interact with except for their editors and publicists. These interactions are limited to sending in drafts of their work and perhaps exchanging a few comments now and then. Writers of short stories, poetry, blogs, etc. will also find themselves in a similar situation.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that writers can earn more than $68,000 a year1. With such a fat salary and no one to bother you while you work, I don’t know why we aren’t all writers!

Computer Programmers

For those introverts who are tech savvy and enjoy playing around with html codes, perhaps a career in computer programming will be best suited for you. Computer programmers only need to make use of one tool – their computer. There is no requirement for interaction, as long as you can excel in what you do. The extent of your interaction will be sending the code to your employer and this obviously doesn’t need to be done in person.

An added bonus to pursuing a career in computer programming is the pay. The average annual earning of a computer programmer is over $74,000.  Yes, that’s right. Don’t believe me? Check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You must bear in mind however, that this figure will differ from employer to employer.

Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcription is another great field for you if you like to work alone. A medical transcriptionist spends his entire work shift looking at data, processing the data and handling files. You don’t always have to work in a hospital or any medical institution. Once you build a network you will have a good clientele and you can then choose to work from home where your face time with people will be almost zero.

To speed up your network building, it is a good idea to complete a medical transcription course from an institution that is accredited by the AAPC or that have courses and programs approved by AHIMA.

Work-from-home medical transcriptionists are their own boss. They get to choose their own clients and manage their own workloads. And best of all, they decide when and with whom to interact.

I know what you are thinking – forget the transcription talk and tell me how much I will make in a year! Well, if you choose this as a career, the average annual medical transcriptionist salary is a little over $34,000, according to CareerStep.

I know it isn’t as much as a writer or a programmer’s salary but if this is where your interest lies, then by all means go for it.


This is perhaps the only “office environment” type job that doesn’t require so much face time with colleagues and clients. An accountant is only concerned with one thing – the accounts. He spends his days working with numbers and organizing payments and rarely needs to interact with people or even attend meetings.

How much does and accountant make you ask? The answer is – a lot. An accountant would make $71,000 a year on an average. So if you have a flair for numbers, an accountant’s position may be right up your alley.

The best way to go is to try and match your interests and your skills with all the options out there. You can be assured that if it is something you love to do you will be more than satisfied with your job. And who knows, if you ease into it, maybe one day you may turn into a people person!

Frida has been working as a career guidance counselor for about 12 years. She’s stayed on top of growing industry trends through market research and interaction with young students and working professional alike. Her hobbies include swimming, meditation and music. She believes that everyone can enjoy a lucrative career by paying close attention to their passions and aptitudes. Of late, Frida has been focused on researching work-from-home opportunities for stay-at-home moms or professionals who would like to supplement their income. Frida is a suburban single mom and has 3 children.





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