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PopTech! … What is it? Well, it’s a conference, but a whole knew kind of meetup. It’s a meeting of some of today’s most influential minds, coming together to push the boundaries of human knowledge, finding solutions to today’s biggest problems and thinking about what’s coming up tomorrow.

But the conference isn’t a talking heads festival; nestled between mind-expanding presentations on a huge variety of subjects are musical performances, short films, demonstrations, and other one-of-a-kind surprises. Over the course of three days, every part of your mind is engaged.

PopTech is also a startup-incubator,  a source for lectures on topics from “What makes us happy?” to how to fight aids in Africa and even gives grants.

It’s not business focused, so don’t expect to find investors or competition. Still, it would be great to go and be a part of a brain exchange with some of our smartest contemporaries.

This year’s conference is titled “America Reimagined” and goes down October 21-24. It costs $3,500 to attend. If you get a $1,000 grant from them, admission is also lowered to $2,500.

If you can’t make it, be sure to watch a few of their PopCasts, recorded lectures on some really cool topics. Leave me some comments if you guys want more lectures like these to get your creativity flowing.

What would you want to learn or talk about if you were there? Would you be able to tell the rest of the participants about the future of business?

Jordan Feldstein is a friend to all, lover to few, who hopes his writing shows people what’s within reach when you’re willing to think and operate outside the norm. Now building his second company, Jordan is waiting to turn 21 to have a beer with you.

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