Pratt’s Country Store celebrates centennial birthday

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Centennial Celebration

Pratt’s Country Store, a family-owned business settled at Knoxville’s intersection of Tazewell and Jacksboro Pike, recently commemorated its 100-year milestone. Founded in 1921, it has continuously served as an essential outlet for groceries and convenience items and as a social hub for the local community.

The century-long operation was celebrated with a grand event, drawing both loyal customers and new faces. Throughout the day, patrons enthusiastically shared their cherished memories associated with the store, contributing to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Despite facing numerous socio-economic changes over the years, Pratt’s longevity is evidence of the local community’s strong sense of shared history and appreciation for friendly service and quality goods. The rustic charm of the store’s interiors echoes this sentiment.

The proprietors of Pratt’s Country Store remain committed to its time-honored tradition of quality service and community involvement. Upholding the store’s distinct character while catering to their customer’s evolving needs, they aim to keep the shop thriving and beloved in the years to come.

Operating as a family venture, the store boasts a variety of products, including farm-fresh produce, dairy, and baked goods.

Centennial milestone: Pratt’s Country Store story

Sourcing local and organic ingredients whenever feasible, they ensure the most nutrient-dense and flavorful produce reaches their customers.

The dairy section features quality-checked items like hormone-free milk, artisanal cheeses, and a unique selection of yogurts. Similarly, the baked goods section offers fresh, traditionally made bread, pastries, and desserts.

This strong commitment to quality, freshness, and support for local farmers and artisans positions Pratt’s as more than just a store. Current owner Perry Pratt credits their success to a vested interest in building strong customer relationships over the years.

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Apart from its quality products, Pratt’s Country Store stands out for its community-focused approach and extended business hours. It consistently fosters customer interaction, strengthening its reputation as a nurtured companion in the local community instead of merely a shopping destination.

The Pratt family’s indefatigable efforts, coupled with the undying support from the community, have been pivotal to the store’s sustained success. Its 100-year journey is a testament to a family’s resilience against all odds and a celebration of unity within the community.

The legacy of Pratt’s Country Store extends beyond economic sustenance. It serves as a beloved local landmark, a social gathering place, and a symbol of small-town enterprise and community solidarity.

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