Balancing entrepreneurship and wellbeing: Aliaga’s unique approach

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Entrepreneurship Wellbeing Balance

Deya Aliaga, creator of the “Digital Business Manager Bootcamp,” espouses ‘cozy entrepreneurship’ as a retort to the typical demanding work culture. She pivots from the routine corporate routines, centering on achieving an equilibrium that harmonizes work, play, and personal ventures.

Her unique approach molds digital businesses to boost life quality instead of undermining it, defying the burnout-inducing narratives prevalent in modern business environments. Aliaga emphasizes that businesses should harmonize with, not engulf, personal lives, presenting a more comprehensive, fulfilling vision of success.

Aliaga, a 28-year-old entrepreneur based in Berlin, initiated her expedition with four years of freelance online business management, launching her own company in 2020. Growing from providing digital marketing solutions to strategic business consultations, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, her growing startup showcases impressive growth.

The “DBM Bootcamp” business course played a salient role in her thriving venture, raking over $700,000 in revenue since its inception in 2020. The course proffers a comprehensive understanding of business management, arming its students with invaluable insights and practical skills. This has championed considerable growth for numerous companies, the course’s substantial revenue signifying its efficacy and rising demand.

Under the weight of her enterprise’s success, Aliaga grappled with the pressure and stress of persistently comparing herself to other entrepreneurs.

Aliaga’s philosophy: cozy entrepreneurship and balance

Lured by the chase for success and constant comparisons, she found herself charting a path clouded by guilt and precipitating into overwhelming burnout.

In response to the overwhelming toll on mental health and productivity, Aliaga made a pivotal shift towards ‘cozy entrepreneurship.’ Enforcing distinct work boundaries and centering self-care, she exchanged her constrained routine with one that catered to her individual needs.

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Aliaga replaced the push for unrealistic deadlines with attainable goals and a focus on quality over quantity. She commenced setting aside dedicated work hours and personal time, incorporating activities that rejuvenate her mind and body, enhancing her overall well-being and productivity.

In 2021, despite encouraging revenues, Aliaga was caught in a cycle of overworking, leading to heightened stress, lower productivity, and adverse effects on her earnings. This experience drove her to reassess business strategies and seek efficiency over simply working harder.

Aliaga revisited her approach with a newfound perspective, prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, and introducing automation. This shift improved work-life balance and productivity and boosted her business’s performance, affirming the critical role of work-life balance in entrepreneurial success.

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