What Is ‘Agile Working’? How Your Business Should Leverage It In 2023

by / ⠀Company Culture / August 11, 2023
agile work

When you work in a place that you love, your employees will not only notice, but they will love it too. There will be far fewer days of employees walking in without a smile on their faces, and without a bubbly “good morning” when they would rather be asleep. This serves as a morale boost and you will see benefits in more areas than you can imagine throughout the office.

Agile working is the next big thing in corporate settings. It brings more teamwork and open mindsets to the table, rather than micromanaging. An agile worker still uses guidelines to complete a task or project, but there would be no ceiling for those projects and tasks. This gives employees a renewed sense of creativity, and the empowerment to use it.

Rules of Engagement

The rules of agile working are a bit unclear for the same reason that no two workers are exactly the same. Different people work best in different ways. They have different mindsets, different motivations, and different workflows. Rather than the standard 8-5 or 9-5 strict schedule, some corporate offices opt for a more flexible routine. It involves employees working in the best way for them. There are a few obvious stipulations to this. These include meeting all required hours, meetings, and other time-sensitive parts of the given job. Each corporation has different values and different crucial factors for its employees. It makes agile working a flexible idea, rather than a one size fits all.

Performance Indicators

In the corporate setting, having key performance indicators are crucial to see growth and finding areas that need more nurturing. These indicators are measurements for gauging a company’s long-term performance, strategies, operations, and more. There can always be personal performance indicators to keep track of growth within your teams.

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How It Works

Analytical software can create reports, similar to those your company probably already uses. The metrics may change slightly depending on how your teams are set up, but the process is the same. The goal is for leadership to be able to make the best and most informed decisions regarding the future of the team and company based on previous success or areas that need more attention.

The goal of agile working is a streamlined process to success. One of the most prominent mindsets of today is creating a process that gets a job or project done efficiently and swiftly. Giving your employees the approval to extend their wonderful analytical and creative ideas to the team as a whole.

Agile work may unearth challenges at work in the beginning weeks and months. Yet this can just be due to a new workflow and a new balance of tasks. It may be best to start with only a few teams practicing the method before changing the company culture entirely. This would help with any challenges or hiccups that are destined to appear with any new process or trial.


Adding an agile work environment into your company or business can leverage a higher profit margin or even more balanced turnover rate. Giving your employees a voice and the option to think for themselves is even more liberating than you may imagine. Your office structure does not have to change all that much to start working in an agile manner. In fact, corner offices can stay intact, while opening the door and interacting a bit more with the open floorplan of employees beyond. Having agile workers in 2023 can take your company from good to great in terms of productivity, engagement, key metrics, and the all-important aspect of communication.

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Creating an agile work environment where there are support systems in place, check-ins rather than hours-long staff meetings, boards to help with team tasks, and peer accountability can drive productivity up tremendously. For some businesses, the workflow that has been around for years has been working, but for many others, changing up to an agile work environment is the morale boost that they need to get the best from their business.

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