Qualities of a Landlord That Will Attract Longterm Renters

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Want to know the primary qualities of a good landlord? Here's how to spot a landlord with good qualities for when renting an apartment.

Potential tenants all have a list of their preferred qualities of a landlord. Are you the sort of landlord people find appealing?

The “interview” street runs in both directions.

Landlords and property managers do a thorough job of screening potential tenants.

They run background checks and look over a tenant’s credit report. They examine their employment records, check references, and many other things. Background checks typically include reviewing public records, such as court filings and arrest reports. Many property managers also use services such as background checks with Truthfinder. They run criminal background checks and verify an applicant’s identity. While running a background check is not required by law, it is generally considered good practice in the property management industry.

However, it is also tenants who seek out good qualities in a landlord. Choosing each other helps create a cordial relationship with one another. But what does a tenant look for in a landlord?

1. Professionalism and Respect

A good landlord is someone who is a business professional. They maintain and upgrade their properties. They are serious and respectful to their tenants.

Something to check is if the landlord is a part of a local or national apartment association such as the American Apartment Owners Association.

A good landlord makes an effort to create and maintain a good reputation. A landlord also never makes tenants feel uncomfortable and that they are happy with their service. This way when a tenant leaves, they can leave a positive remark or current tenants can notify potential renters about what it is like to live there.

Keep an appropriate distance from your tenants’ lives. You may live in the same space, but it does not give you the right to interfere in your personal lives. No one likes a snoopy landlord, so keep to yourself and you won’t have angry tenants. You will lose respect and credibility that way.

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2. Clarity and Purpose

Another good quality a landlord should have is being well organized. Tenants are impressed when the application papers and background checks go smoothly, and everything is ready to be signed.

Be sure to have important documents such as move-in and move-out lists, receipts, emergency contact info, and other forms ready to go at a moment’s notice. Another benefit of joining an apartment association is that they may provide landlord forms to you free of charge or at a discount.

A reliable landlord is an important factor that tenants look for. Properly staff the office phones and that you reply to all calls as soon as possible.

Tenants will have good things to say if you are quick to fix any problems a tenant may have living at your property. Being a solid presence in the lives of your tenants will let renters know that they can rely on you.

3. Ability to Adapt Quickly

Another important quality that landlords should have is flexibility. While it is important to stick to contracts, it doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible and understanding.

Sometimes tenants will fall on hard times and need help getting back up. Being compassionate and thoughtful will let renters know that you are a caring individual.

4. Strong Communication Skills

Being able to communicate with your tenants is a crucial quality in being a good landlord. Tenants hate being left out in the dark. Answer their questions and address concerns quickly.

This also means being transparent with them as well. Don’t hide things from them. If there is a pest or mold, your tenants deserve to know. Explain what is happening and how you are going to fix it. Your tenants will then respect your transparency and effort to resolve the problem.

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