20 Quotes to Inspire the Entrepreneur

by / ⠀Startup Advice / November 6, 2012

“The price tag you put on yourself decides your worth. Underestimating yourself will cost you dearly.”

“It is the road you take that decides your destiny and not your destiny that decides the road you take.”

“Your value in the world is the value you create for yourself. Make yourself valuable and the world will treat you that way.”

“Mediocrity is always a safe option but never a satisfactory one.” Apoorve Dubey

“If you don’t have the courage to walk alone others will not have the courage to walk with you.”

“The microscope with which you can see the opportunities in problems is called vision. Most people do not use it.”

“Discomfort, hard work, struggles and setbacks all are indicative of the fact that you are trying. Triumph begins with a try.”

“People are driven either by dreams or deadlines.”

“It is not your opponent but your weaknesses that hurt you the most.”

“Failure is a sign board which says, try again.”

“Life is an opportunity for us to contribute something that outlasts us and makes the world a better place.”

“Your time is the most valuable asset with you; invest it, where you get best returns.”

“The more you follow others the further you will walk from your own destiny. Follow your own star and illumine the world in your own way.”

“Original men live forever it is the fakes who die.”

“The only thing that hurts harder than a failure is not trying.”

“When you try long & hard for anything, eventually a moment comes when it happens. The important thing is to keep trying until that moment comes.”

“Regret is not when you could not finish what you started but regret is when you do not start what you could have finished.”

“When you complain about things you don’t excel at them & when you excel at things you don’t complain about them.”

“The window of opportunity opens up with a problem. The bigger the problem the bigger is the window it offers.”

“Your deepest prayers are your sincerest actions. They are always rewarded.”

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Author Bio: Apoorve Dubey is the founder and C.E.O of Kreyon Systems Pvt. Ltd, an IT and mobile application development company. He is the co-founder of Master Mentors Advisory Pvt. Ltd, a premier consulting organisation with global footprint and collective management experience of over 300 years. He is the author of the international best-selling book, “The Flight of Ambition” published by Macmillan and a co-author of “Successful organisations in action”.  He is a key note speaker and has conducted several corporate sessions on leadership & management. He also works as a volunteer for NGOs to promote educational initiatives for taking quality education to the masses. The driving passion in his life remains to be able to contribute to the success of others. To know more about Apoorve and his work, you can visit www.theflightofambition.com.

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