Five Amazing Remote Jobs Created by the Pandemic

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The pandemic undoubtedly took the world by surprise. It changed everything, and the world is still struggling to come to terms with everything that transpired. Perhaps workplaces felt the most apparent effect of the pandemics. Indeed, the popularity of remote jobs grew more than ever during this period!

And even now, as the world has started to open up, most employees prefer remote jobs or having a mix of in-person and work-from-home cultures. In fact, over half of the businesses have become more inclined towards remote working.

We can’t deny that the pandemic impacted employment negatively worldwide. Over 100,000 businesses were forced to shut down permanently worldwide. And it does not seem that things will go back to how they were.

But it’s clear that something good came out of the pandemic too. People discovered many new careers and remote job opportunities. Companies realized that remote work could be just as productive. New jobs had to be formed to meet the new business requirements with perfection. Additionally, companies also had to take measures to ensure the safety and well-being of employees.

Remote Jobs One Can Consider Post-Pandemic

You probably didn’t hear about the jobs we are about to mention before COVID-19. But then, no one could have envisioned that going out and meeting people would soon become a luxury either. Let’s take a look at some of the remote jobs people can try their hands at after the coronavirus.

1. Chief Automation Officer

The coronavirus pandemic made the world realize the importance of digital transformation more than ever. There’s a reason that companies accelerated the rate of digital transformations during this period.

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And this wouldn’t be possible without automation. After all, technologies like robotic process automation are the crux of digital evolution. This digital foundation enables companies to make the most of advancing technology. Manual processes are now being replaced with automation to boost efficiency.

On the surface, it appears that these tools are pretty easy to use. Hence, most employers believe they can manage it on their own. However, this inevitably leads to a slow process. This is primarily why more and more companies are now employing chief automation officers.

It’s the job of the chief automation officer to supervise all automation initiatives and maintain quality throughout. Have you heard about this remote job before the pandemic? Unlikely!

2. Virtual Events Planner

Yes, this is indeed one of the remote jobs you can consider. The pandemic forced companies worldwide to cancel meetings and gatherings of all kinds.

But businesses can’t put off conferences forever. After all, this is where people come together to brainstorm and generate new ideas. And this is why companies switched to virtual events.

Of course, the first few virtual events did not yield the desired results. It took people some time to get accustomed to the lack of live panels. Typically, speakers would record their speeches for the event and play them without any feedback. No one was really clear on how to conduct these virtual videos.

And this is how virtual event planners came to action. They collaborated with IT teams to come up with new ways to make the virtual gatherings more interesting.

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Virtual event planners use all the available resources, including webinar tech and video conferencing platforms, to make the event a success without any hiccups. The best part is that it’s a remote job wherein you get ample opportunity to showcase your creativity.

3. Employee Experience Manager

employee experience

Every business wants to ensure an optimal customer experience. How else would they succeed? But customer satisfaction wouldn’t be possible without a great employee experience.

Think about it. If employees weren’t happy, would they be motivated to perform better at work and provide customers with high-quality service? Most likely not. The pandemic made it clear that companies must give importance to how employees feel too.

And this brings us to another remote job, employee experience manager. While some people work remotely these days while others are on-site, keeping tabs on everyone can be pretty challenging. This is why companies have started a person specifically dedicated to the job.

4. Safe Facilities Designers and Operations

As employees are coming back to work, they still have a lot of apprehensions. The threat of coronavirus is still looming over our heads. Now is not the time to throw caution to the wind.

Companies have to take certain measures to ensure workplace safety. This includes implementing social distancing within the premise, ensuring a generous supply of sanitizing equipment, and so on.

Naturally, everyone has their plate full at the moment. So who is going to take care of this responsibility? It’s simple. Companies have to hire someone for the purpose. These people maintain the designs and operations in the office.

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And the best thing about this job is that it’s all about collaboration. The person in charge has to supervise everything, which they can do remotely. Just another one of the remote jobs created mainly due to the pandemic.

5. Health Monitors

It’s the responsibility of the employers to ensure their team is safe. Hence, contact tracing is mandatory to ensure that the virus does not spread in the workspace.

Companies are hiring people to ensure people wear masks at work. These people also ensure that anyone unwell is sent to work on time. It’s their job to ensure that meticulous contact tracing is done if someone tests positive.

They can use modern cloud-native apps for this purpose. And similar tools are there to monitor the well-being of employees too. Hence, the health monitor does not have to be present all the time. He can work remotely for the most part.

The Silver Lining for Remote Jobs

Before the pandemic, people working from home were perceived differently. But times have changed now. People have become more accepting of remote jobs. This is one reason why so many new career opportunities have been created. It’s time to explore your options!

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