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If you have ever been a salesperson then you know some of the traits that they tend to possess. Traits like hunger for money, self-drive, competitiveness, and charisma, help them sell their product. But in the age of information, everything is much easier and quicker. Thus, sales team software has evolved with the times and found the best ways to entice customers and help sell products and services.

Here is some software that will ensure success for your sales team.


SalesCompete is a Slack bot that is very easy to use. It is able to hook into HubSpot, Outreach, and Salesloft. It brings the data of those tools into Slack and it places features into layers of motivation and gamification. Some of its other features include sending daily Slack notifications that keep team engagement and motivation together, automating power hours, and setting custom challenges and goals.


Ambition is one of the best-known software tools for sales gamification. It completely covers areas like coaching tools, leaderboards, and more. Ambition is also able to integrate with others like Slack, Outreach, and Gong. This sales team software looks to motivate its employees by boosting culture and driving performance. The plan starts at $570 a month and goes up to $1200 a month and is billed annually. Its Coach plan does it all. It can provide advice and wisdom to employees in real-time and set up plans that help individuals who are trailing behind.


Hoopla is known to be a management and motivational platform. Some of the features include sales leaderboards that showcase progress reports, top performers, and data trends. It lets the salesforce know of goals achieved, celebrations, and recognition all in real-time. Like the others, Hoopla can integrate with other software such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, and more.

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With a more modern and polished approach to the idea, LevelEleven has many features for just $30 a month per user. It can create sales contests in just minutes and helps new salespeople by empowering them to focus on what ideas help create results. It is also a real-time course corrector that keeps the team on track to hit its goals. Many other options exist in this sales team software as well. It can connect with other applications, but it is best used with Salesforce.

Troops is a cutting-edge software that connects between CRM and various messaging platforms such as Slack. It will notify of any situations that can have an impact on revenue. Therefore, it makes it easier for the sales teams to do the right things at the right time. Troops starts at $19 a month per user.


A Canadian company that is just outside of Toronto, Spinify is one of the most awarded sales gamification tools in the entire industry. It is able to create instant competitions and display leaderboards on TVs and monitors. It can play a salesperson’s favorite song whenever they make a goal, allows the team to see messages on the road, and engages a healthy competition. This sales team software includes over 30 motivators that will assist the employees such as milestone celebrations, badges, and scoring.

Those who use this software are also able to choose their own avatar that represents them in their progress and competitions. Spinify also has a coaching tool that can predict activity scores, earn badges and points, and consistently helps motivate the workers. It is able to integrate with most other software and pricing starts at around $240 a year per user. Uniquely, they do not have a free version or offer a free trial so it is up to you if it is worth it.

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The PlayVox software is an Agent Optimization Suite that can research, improve, and motivate a sales team performance. It is a broader software that also encompasses a management system. This system is dedicated to learning, customizing digital badges, coaching cards, and evaluating scores.  The pricing has not been shared publicly.


No, that is not a typo, Thnks is another gamification software, making it very easy to send a reward or prize to a teammate. Multiple categories range from lunches to brand apparel, and much more. It is a great way to show appreciation to employees, which in turn will feel good about their work. This leads them to continue to work hard. This system has led to increased customer retention and builds strong business relationships through a personalized gesture of appreciation.

Conclusion for Your Sales Team Software

In all, those are some of the best software tools out there that help make sales teams more motivated. They also allow a reward system that will boost morale, revenue, and more. But, you also don’t need any of these because hundreds more are out there ready to use.

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