Shane Yeager

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What’s your name?

Shane Yeager

What’s the name of your company?

Mark Leisher Productions

How old are you? 


Where can we find you tweeting?


Why should you win the Under30CEO March Madness Entrepreneur Mashup?

Why should we win? We love to tell stories! What better way to cap off our busy documentary filled month than to tout the title of U30CEO March Madness champ. In all seriousness though, we work really hard for our clients and we’d love to let them know we are the right folks for the job. As we continue to spread the MLP brand we want to keep pumping up other companies along the way. The extra exposure would really help!

Who are your co-founders and what are they like?

Mark Leisher; Mark is a 48 year old adventurer with over 12 years in the cinema business. This wild man has been around the globe more times than most people dream and has worked with companies ranging from Nike and Under Armour to NASA and Hitachi. Mark has been director of photography on numerous award winning productions. He brings raw talent, a world of experience, and a killer network to the table, so much so we used his name to brand the business. Talk about street cred! All in all, Mark is a vital component to MLP’s success.

Tell us about your company!

MLP is a growing team of crack cinematographers and artists that blend art with practicality. Whether it be touring with the Beach Boys or making corporate videos sing, Mark Leisher Production’s delivers. We’re a Bethesda MD based video marketing company that has come to realize not all organizations are created equal; we are helping big corporations maximize profits while helping little startups shine bright. We stand by our pledge of making the media creation process fun, engaging, and simple.

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Who do you pick to win the NCAA tournament?


If you could be one college mascot, who would you be and why?

We are a group of entertainers and story tellers so naturally we had to choose Keggy the Keg of Dartmouth. How many tales have you told after hitting a few brews? We also like to share, and what better way than passing around some free drinks and happiness. Cheers!

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