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The answer to time-consuming accounts payable processes is an investment in AP automation software. Here's how to find the right solution.


What is the name of your Business?


Tell us about the company

Investables simplifies the process of investing in high-quality physical assets by securitizing them and offering them to investors. Our team of industry experts carefully selects these assets, lowering the barrier to entry for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

What is your company website?

What is the size of the company?


Where is the company headquarted?

Wilmington, Delaware, United States

What is one thing your company learned early on?

It is important to educate investors because knowledgeable investors are able to make informed decisions about their investments, which can lead to better outcomes. The main goal of an investment company is to bring in money for its customers and to make them happy. This requires a high level of trust between the company and its clients. By educating investors, a company can build that trust and demonstrate its commitment to helping its clients succeed.

What are the values your company upholds?

1. Transparency: It is important for an investment company in physical assets to be transparent about its operations, including the sourcing and management of assets, and to provide clear information to investors about the risks and potential returns of their investments.

2. Diversification: A key value for an investment company should be to offer a diverse range of assets to its clients, allowing them to spread their risk across multiple asset categories and industries.

3. Expertise: The company should have a team of industry experts who are able to identify and evaluate potential assets, and provide guidance to investors on the best investment strategies.

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4. Customer satisfaction: The ultimate goal of the company should be to make its customers happy by delivering strong returns on their investments. This requires a commitment to excellent customer service and ongoing communication with clients.

5. Responsibility: The company should be responsible in its business practices and take care to minimize any negative impacts on the environment or society. This includes ethical sourcing of assets and adherence to all relevant regulations and laws.

How would you describe the company culture?

80% of our staff is in Ukraine, so:
The team has demonstrated a willingness to work under challenging circumstances, including in shelters and with electricity blackouts, and has found creative solutions to maintain a stable internet connection and power laptops and heaters. We have a strong work ethic, with a focus on delivering results despite heavy workloads and difficult conditions. Overall, it seems that investable culture values dedication and resourcefulness, and kindness in the face of challenges.

What is one trend in your industry you think will become mainstream?

Technological advances: As technology continues to advance, it is possible that new platforms and tools will emerge that make it easier for investors to purchase and manage physical assets.

Economic conditions, such as interest rates and inflation, can impact the demand for physical assets as investments. So overall we will be seeing full ecosystems with API solutions, transparent market data, and exchanges just like with stocks and crypto.

What is a book that represents your company?

Lean Startup

What does success mean for your company?

Investables being the go-to resource for alternative investments in physical assets around the world.
What is one thing everyone should know about your company?
We make it easy to invest in the physical assets that perform.

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What is the next big goal for your company?

Offering API for other fintech companies and IRA custodians, and working with industry-leading companies helping them securitize assets and connect them with investors.

What impact does your company want to have?

We want to democratize alternative investments in physical assets and open it up to everyone.
In three sentences, summarize your company’s experiences and learnings.
Great companies listen to their customers when building new products or services. This helped us create a solution that meets the needs and wants of our target audience, and fosters trust and loyalty among customers. While intelligence and expertise are important factors in building a successful company, ultimately it is the demand for the company’s products or services and the satisfaction of its customers that will determine its long-term viability.

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